Workplace Accidents: Here’s how they can Impact your Business

Your employees aren’t the only entities affected negatively by workplace injuries. The business itself may also be on the hook for serious repercussions if a worker is injured, particularly if the event that caused the injuries was caused by the company’s negligence. Therefore, it’s imperative for business owners to consult with a Kent personal injury attorney to know how the case should be handled. Here are some of the ways workplace injuries are likely to affect your business.

  1. Legal effects

Generally, workplace injuries are a growing concern for employees, employers, and government officials alike. As a result, there are laws and other forms of regulations regarding workplace safety and it is the responsibility of the employer (or business owner) to provide a safe workplace environment for your workers.

Additionally, you should make sure that your workers are adequately and professionally trained on safety measures. OHSA (Occupational, Health and Safety Agency) is a federal organization dedicated to ensuring safety and better health standards in the workplace. Employers must report all instances of injuries, accidents, and fatalities to this organization. OHSA might decide to audit or investigate your workplace.

The victim of the workplace injury might choose to sue for damages. And if the accident was caused by your failure to enforce safety standards or negligence, your company will end up paying the worker (claim settlement) or ongoing support to the injured worker in case they are permanently disabled.

  1. Financial problems

Financial difficulties occur whenever a worker is injured while handling their official duties. In addition to paying a compensation amount to the victim of the accident, you may need to find someone to replace the injured work (temporarily) and handle other costs.

All these are finance-related issues that will affect your business. And theirs is a chance they will have an impact on your business’s bottom line. The most obvious problem arises when your business is associated with several workplace compensation insurance claims. Similar to all other insurance companies, your premiums are likely to go up. Remember, this type of insurance is important to all types of businesses and in some states, it’s mandatory to have such policies.

  1. Overall productivity issues associated with injuries in the workplace

Of course, a severely injured employee may not show up for a pre-scheduled shift. That implies that the work that’s usually done by that employee will remain undone until he or she can resume her duties or you get someone else to handle it. This will result in challenges especially for the inured person’s coworkers especially if the undone work could put the entire process to a standstill.

Lastly, the loss of a coworker could hurt other employees and this will create a negative atmosphere in the workplace though temporarily. In worst cases, some employees might decide to quit their jobs especially if they firmly believe that they might get injured due to an unsafe working environment.


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