hich is the Best Lingerie for Your Body Type?

Women have different body shapes thus, undergarments like bras and panties fit differently. Some need less support while others look for bra sets that can define their body types a little more. Knowing your body type is important when buying lingerie. You need to find one that flatters your body to bring out the sexy aspect of your silhouette. Whether you are buying it for yourself or a special occasion, lingerie helps you celebrate your body and boost your confidence. The text highlights the different types of lingerie and how to pick the best for your body type.

The Hourglass Shape

Women with this body shape have a narrow waist that tapers inwards and shoulders that align in width with the hips. The stereotypical size for women with this figure is 36-24-36. Any lingerie sits in well with this an hourglass body shape, but sexy corsets, teddies and garter belts accentuate their bodies better. Thongs with a lace bra, matching bra, v-cut panties and high-leg sexy knickers also add oomph to this hot body.

Rectangular Body

This type is common among women with athletic bodies. Their curves are not defined hence, the need to look for an undergarment that cinches at the waist. Corsets are a great option as they add curves and help achieve a sensuous look. A teddy, garter belt, flirty camis and a long torso also look great on you. You can add bustier lingerie and pushup bras to accentuate your breasts.

Triangle Body Type

Women with this shape often have the coveted J-Lo curves. Their hips are wider than the shoulders and the chest. When shopping for undergarments in an online lingerie store, you need to pick clothing that creates a balanced look. A lacy negligee that tightens around the busts and flows down around the hip area is ideal. Other options include a bustier as it draws attention to the breasts, a corset, lacy babydoll or a pushup bra. If you want to draw attention to your hips, a thong, matching set, a teddy, v-cut panties or a brassiere will do the trick.

Round Body Types

Women with these shapes have round waists with a wider upper body than the hips. As such, you want lingerie that makes your figure appear proportionate. A teddy sits in well, but a negligee hides chunks of the waistline and defines the bust. You may also consider buying chemise or babydoll dress, which draws attention to your breasts. Matching sets also come in handy as they balance out your body by drawing attention to the whole figure instead of focusing on the specific parts

.Inverted Triangle

If you have this body type, you probably have broad shoulders, a large bust and narrow hips and waist. Halter necks are the best options for this body shape, but women who have flat bums should opt for teddies. The sexy knickers elongate the body, slim your shoulders and divert attention from your flat bum. Bras should be simple, while panties should have frills and ruffles to balance your shape. Add a kimono to elongate your figure.


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