How Safe You Are In App-Based Cabs

Cab services lately have become really popular. Cabs, in past, were booked hours before availing the service. With changing times the popularity of cab service shifted and cab services like Ola & Uber came to existence and gave tough competition to these elite cab services. They started offering cab services at half the price and through mobile apps that are easily available at the app store and play store. The new generation app-based cab services are safer than those at the taxi stand and other public transport.  Taxis can be a safety concern for women and kids since you never know the intentions of the other person.

The safety in cabs has been a big concern because of the increasing crime rate in India. Though there is a high demand for taxi services, safety cannot be ignored.  To cater to such problems cab owners started looking for an alternative to know and see what is happening in the car. They tried almost everything possible GPS trackers: which alone cannot help except for telling the location of the vehicle. Dash cams were relatively new in the market and hence were quite an expense.  That is when the need for a dash cam cum GPS tracker was felt. KENT understood the need and came up with KENT CamEye, which is one the Vehicle GPS Tracking Device for Child Safety and women safety. It is an apt product for cab owners. With such a device they not even get to know the exact location of the cab, but can also see what is happening inside it.

What is KENT CamEye

KENT CamEye is one the newest and first of its kind vehicle security device. It is meant for the safety of passengers and vehicle while on the go. The device has dual cameras and a 4G powered device. It records everything that happens inside and outside of the car and has an easy installation process.

KENT CamEye stores recorded audios-videos on secured cloud storage with 90 days of data back-up and syncs with a mobile app in real time. It has an in-built battery of 3000 mAh that can work for more than 24 hours. It also has a memory back up and works even when the car is parked or outside network coverage.

The mobile app is available on both App store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). In addition to real-time GPS location tracking of the vehicle, CamEye also allows playback of a route travelled on the map. It even sends alerts on the mobile phone when it detects something unusual, using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Interesting features of KENT CamEye

  • Time Lapsed Video and Audio recording with live streaming: The feature let the user/owner of the fleet watch the recording of everything that happened inside and outside of the car during the entire trip. It even helps them to hear what the driver is talking to the passenger. This keeps the services seamless.
  • GPS tracking and Route playback: The feature helps the cab owner in understanding the location in which the driver drove the cab and can compare with the bookings they registered. It offers easy monitoring of the complete route taken by the driver while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Non-OBD based device: This device is easy to install plug and play device and doesn’t require any mechanic’s help to get it up and going.
  • AI-Based Smart Alerts that offer constant updates about the car like Place of alert, Geo-fencing alert, AC on alert, Unknown driver, Engine idle and much more.

KENT CamEye Car is currently available at a launch price of INR 17,999 along with a three-month free subscription. An annual subscription charge of Rs 6,000 will be charged after free subscription towards the cloud services and SIM cost.


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