How to Choose the Right Sliding Door Track System

When putting in a sliding door, you want to make sure you choose the right types of sliding door hardware so that your system can function properly. There will be different hanger options that can be based on the weight of the doors and can be sized to the track. By having the right sliding door track system, you can also narrow down your flat track sliding door hardware options.

A light duty system can support a door that weighs 200 to 400 pounds. Medium duty can support a door that weighs up to 800 pounds, while heavy-duty systems are best for doors that weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

Light duty systems will feature flat tracks with hangers or box tracks with hangers. Which design you choose will be dependent on an aesthetic you want. A flat track system gives a more traditional or antique look, while some prefer a box track look because it gives it more of an industrial vibe. Both will work the same way but come with different hanger styles. With flat tracks, the hangers will ride open on the flat heel. With a box track, the hangers are enclosed within the track. A light duty system can be used anywhere, including apartments and garages, as long as the door isn’t too heavy. A medium duty system is usually found in commercial buildings because of the heavier doors that are needed for these settings. Many restaurants, stores, and manufacturing facilities find these systems suit their needs best. A heavy-duty system is better for industrial settings, where theater curtains or oversized doors are more common.

Once you have chosen the type of track system, there are some differences in the hangers that are used. It doesn’t matter what size the door is, since there will always be two hangers per door. Many hangers work on a variety of different door materials, which can include wood, aluminum, and glass. You can’t drill holes in some materials for the hangers, so be aware of this when picking a door. Some door hangers may have a small metal bracket that will extend over the door for securing the hanger to the door. There are also some that are top mount, in order to secure the hanger to the door. Tracks and hangers need to match in weight capacity.

Both metal and synthetic wheels can be used. Synthetic wheels don’t cause as much wear on the track and can be quieter. However, they don’t last as long as metal options. Metal wheels are standard on heavy duty and medium track systems. When it comes to choosing flat track sliding door hardware, you can choose from many different finishes and looks to match the existing décor in the building.

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