How to Choose the Right Water Tanks for Your Needs

Water is an important component for human survival. Though three-fourths of the earth consists of water, yet there is scarcity of potable water. Hence we need to conserve this essential element in order to save our planet. Rainwater is a significant source of pure and fresh water that can be used for drinking, farming, washing and other purposes. Hence you can consider harvesting rainwater as one option.

Today several water storage solutions have been developed to store and save water for your domestic and industrial use. As a result, the water tanks market is flourishing day by day. Almost everyone requires water storage tank to solve their water scarcity problems.

Study the key points mentioned below to choose the right kind of tank for your requirements:

Place of Water Storage Tank

Basically your option depends on the place where you are planning to locate the storage tank. It can be either below or above ground:

Above Ground: The installation process of above ground water tanks is comparatively cheaper and simpler. Since it is installed above the ground, it is easy to maintain. Any crack or damage can easily be spotted and fixed. Its main drawback is that it is exposed to elements like accidents, storms or outside temperatures. You need to be careful as during summers the tanks can get hot and during winters it can freeze.

Below Ground: Due to its location, underground tanks are becoming a popular choice. Neither they are exposed to bad weather nor do you need to sacrifice any piece of land for its location. As they are surrounded by soil, they help to maintain a steady temperature. However, the installation cost of the underground tank can be quite higher.

Which Material to Choose

Another important factor to consider when choosing the right water tank is the kind of material.

Polythene and Plastic: These are a perfect choice for those with tight budget. Also they are easy to install and re-install due to their light weight. In order to prevent the growth of bacteria or algae in the tank, make sure to choose the dark color option as it prevents sunlight from getting in.

Steel: With quick installation process, steel water tanks are the best cost effective options. Available in galvanized and stainless varieties, these tanks are sustainable and can best be utilized for harvesting and storing rainwater. They also offer great capacities and are resistant to corrosion.

Fiberglass: It is a good option if you are looking for the lightweight and durable tanks. Easy to install, these tanks do not rust or corrode. However, these tanks are not suitable for the industrial purposes as they can hold up to fifty thousand gallons

Consider these factors before you plan to buy the water storage tank for your property. Based in Melbourne, All Oz Tanks are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of all varieties of water pumps and water tanks. They offer premium quality products while ensuring high safety and durability standards. You may call or contact them to grab the best deals.

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