How to crack NEET 2017 without coaching

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET, as it is more commonly called, is looming just ahead and medical aspirants all over the country are awaiting it in excitement and apprehension. To be able to clear NEET with a good score means you’ll be eligible to get into some of the best medical institutes in the country. Now that calls for intense preparation as you’ll be competing with lakhs of other students from across the nation. This year will be even tougher because the Government along with the Supreme Court has decided to replace all state PMTs with a single entrance exam, that is, NEET. All the medical colleges are now under the purview of this single exam. This means there will be more seats but it also means that the competition will be tighter than ever.

How to crack NEET 2017 calls for determination, planning, and focus. While most students opt for coaching institutes to guide them through their NEET preparation, some stick only to self-study. But is it enough? Or, can only geniuses not require coaching? Self-study is the most important step towards NEET preparation and by far the most effective provided you are committed and focused.

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How to crack NEET 2017 without coaching

Regular classes in 11th and 12th: Make an effort to not skip any classes in your 11th and 12th or you’ll miss on the important lectures and lab classes.

Eat and sleep well: While some think that exam preparations mean less sleep and junk food, this is the time when your body needs good food and proper rest.

Use NCERT books: NCERT books are your secret to clearing NEET. Revise them thoroughly before you want to move on to other help books.

Study for at least 3 hours: Aim to study for at least 3 hours in one sitting to improve your concentration span without wearing you out.

Online learning platforms: Practice previous years’ papers and take mock tests online to get feedback so you can improve your score even further.

So you see, with diligence and proper planning, you can easily crack NEET without coaching. All you need is to get your head in the game, have a determined spirit, and a focused mind to get through the entire NEET syllabus with ease.


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