How to decorate a smaller living room

You have been blessed with a small living room and struggling to make it work with the right kind of décor that suits your styling. No matter how small your living room is, you should find it working efficiently when it comes to decorating it. If you are lost for the ideas, these tips should be helpful enough for you.

Decorate the white walls

White walls may be something you are not happy with. No issues – you should be able to decorate the wall with a white on white combination. In fact, pairing the white wall with equally whiter or pale coloured furniture can help you make your living room look brighter. Wooden furniture should be one of the best options you can check out for an enhanced look in your living room. Checking out the wide range of Good Wood Living Room Furniture should help you get the best décor for your small living room.

Create Storage space near the ceiling

You can create some sort of camouflaged storage options near the ceiling. Lofts and similar options in a colour that matches that of the walls and ceiling should be an excellent option and helpful enough to hide the actual storage spaces created. Choose the furniture with a simple look as they will go best with a small living room. A table with cutaway sides can be another excellent option to create an illusion that the room is larger enough.

Go for a few focal pieces

Opt for one or two statement pieces at the centre of the living room. Keep the rest of the room clutter free. Some examples for such statement furniture or pieces would be an armchair with a good looking fabric on it or a large sized table lamp. In fact, the statement pieces would make visitors get attracted to them and thus draw the interest away from the size of the room.

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Replace your sofa with something smaller

A large sized sofa may be one of the preferred choices in a living room, but if you have a small sized living room, it may be something you may not be happy with. It takes up a huge space and makes your room look completely cluttered. A small seater – commonly called a snuggle might be a good alternative here. This should be the best option for a couple or a combination of a parent and a child.

Use lighter colours

Light colours on the walls give the impression that the room is larger enough. This can be an excellent option for smaller living rooms. Some of the best colours you should choose would be blush pinks, pale blue or grey, or dusky lilac. Of course, you can have your own choices based on your preferences. The light colours should make it a good option to make the room look quite cosy enough, but will not make it look cluttered. Make sure that the walls and floors are light and whiter. Using a larger artwork on the wall can make it even better.

Low seating arrangement

A higher sealing is an excellent option for making your smaller living room appear larger. If your ceiling is not high, one of the best options would be to arrange a lower seating. This will give the impression that the ceilings are higher enough. Adding pillows can make it comfortable for lounging. Using two coffee tables instead of one single larger table can be a better option.

Use stools instead of chairs

Chairs appear nice and give an excellent look to your living room. But, what if your living room is small and chairs and other seating arrangements make it appear too cluttered? That should be where stools seem impressive and space saving. Of course, we are not referring to those old schools made of wood. There are several designed stools available that come with multiple construction options. What makes them a good option is they help you tuck them away when not needed.

Go for multitasking furniture

Well, we confused you – right? We have heard of multitasking devices and multitasking people. But multitasking furniture? Well, what we mean by that is the furniture that can offer you more than one kind of usage and functionality. A sofa that comes with the storage under the seating arrangement, a coffee table that can also act as a book case or similar other practical solutions can be an excellent option to check out. You can go with the mirrors or furniture with mirrors so that you will have enough of natural light inside the room. This can also induce the illusion of a larger space.

Let more light in

If your living room is in such an area that can get enough good natural light, make sure you are not blocking it. This will help you make the room feel more airy or open in a way. Never use dark curtains. Using the lighter colours as we already have pointed out above will help you pour more light inside your living room. This should be helpful if your living room does not have larger windows.

Use larger rugs

Using larger rugs will ensure that you have access to make the room look bigger. A rug with a bolder pattern would make it one of the best options to provide an illusion of making the room look bigger enough. This will also let you have a proper anchor space. Yet another excellent option is to arrange corner seating. This will also go a long way in promoting the illusion of a larger space.

In Conclusion

Well, those were a few ideas that should help you arrange and decorate your small sized living room. In fact, if you are creative enough and can think out of the box, you should be able to arrive at your own designs as well. Take a cue from the suggestions we have made here and devise your own plans for a great looking living room right away!


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