How to Find the Best Customized Watch for Him and Her

Deciding what to gift someone can be a tedious task. Even if you know the person well, you can stumble upon finding the best gift for him/her. If you’re planning to get a gift for your husband/wife on their birthday, you need to plan for it well in advance to avoid the last minute hurtle. Gifts are a way of expressing how much you love or care for a person. The gifts that you choose for them reflects your thoughtfulness. There are no brownie points in going to the shopping mall to pick up an expensive gift without thinking whether it will be useful to the person or not.

The most thoughtful way to gift someone is to get them something entirely personalized to their taste. You can add a hint of personalization to regular items and make them unique. Customized stationaries and mugs have already gained raging popularity among teens and youngsters who gift these frequently to their friends. You can find customized tee shirts and hoodies that those cozy couples wear often. You can also customize everyday items and give them a touch of personalization like gifting someone hand painted shoes or engraved jewelry.

However, if you don’t know someone personally but still want to make him/her feel special, you can gift them customized watches. Most people use wristwatches, and they can be a perfect personal or professional gift for someone you know. Whether you go for a normal or a customized wrist watch will depend on your own choice. If you want to buy a regular watch without any customization, it will take you only a couple of hours to purchase a good piece. However, if you’re planning to go with the customizations, you have to decide whether you want it to be done from scratch or you’d like to modify an already existing watch.

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If you want to customize a wristwatch from scratch, you will get enough room to put your creativity into the piece. Although, for customization on already existing pieces, you have to compromise on your creative freedom. Not all watch brands sell customized watches, so initially, you need to find a watch brand where you can find customized timepieces.

You need to visit the brand store and talk to them about your particular requirement. The first thing that you need to clarify is whether you want a watch for him or her. For female wrist watches, you can incorporate more designs compared to male wrist watches. Customizations can be done in terms of the color of the watch, design and material of the strap, dial style and even the back of the dial. It depends on how much you want to change the look of the original piece.

If you want to experiment beyond the golden or silver colors of most watches, try using vibrant colors like metallic blue, metallic red, rose gold, and gunmetal grey. If you feel that a single strap color is too monotonous, find a watch with an interchangeable strap system. This will let you use straps made from different materials, shapes, and colors. Customization can also be done in terms of changing the dial of the watch. You can customize it by adding pictures, quotes or messages that the person you are gifting the watch to can relate. Furthermore, you can even customize the back of the dial by engraving names, dates or short messages. A watch that’s personalized becomes priceless.

Most customization orders do not take more than a month or two to get completed. If you’re planning to get customized watches as gifts for people, ensure that you place the order at least a few months before for safety. A lot of hard work is put into bringing out a customized timepiece so you cannot expect it to be inexpensive, but rest assured that it will be worth the time and money you spend and will brighten up the day of the person you gift it to.


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