How to Find the Best Singapore Visa Agents

The process of acquiring a visa can be in its entirety tedious and confusing due to the trail of paperwork involved. The visa filling forms have several questions and sections to fill that could be both time-consuming and confusing to you as an applicant. Most often than not, you will need to seek the services of visa agents who have experience and who carry out the services efficiently, but at a fee. Singapore has quite a few legally licensed visa agents; however, for you to identify the best, you need to do the following:

Go through the Ministry of Immigration

The Ministry of Immigration has all the information on available visa agents who have acquired operational licenses through the ministry offices. When you visit the offices, you will be recommended to the right agents who will help the process go smoothly. The ministry officials can also help file up the process after paying the necessary fees. Normally, you will be forced to visit the consulate in your country, since you cannot get into Singapore without the visa in hand.


This is a service offered online by a registered agency company that allows you to process your visa from your phone, tablet, or computer. This online platform has made it easier for visa applications to be done from the convenience of your home. By logging onto the website, you can trace your application status as the process progresses, as illustrated here at One Visa agents.


Referrals can be from colleagues, friends, or even business associates who have used satisfactory services of visa agents for Singapore. Referrals will save you the trouble and time spent looking for a trustworthy efficient agent to process your visa.

Through Websites, Blogs, and Publications

Volumes of publications and blogs, both in print media and online platforms, are available for you to peruse and research regarding the many visa agents operating in Singapore with foreign offices. These provide comprehensive information on the visa services offered, complete with the processes and procedures to follow when applying. The websites are also quite elaborate, and they provide links on the application process in addition to step-by-step guidelines on filling out the forms.

Expos and Exhibitions

Once in a while, the services of visa agents are advertised and offered at a subsidized fee through exhibitions and expos. Qualified visa agents promote their services and give comprehensive information complete with offers on applications through these platforms. You can choose the best agent for yourself, and even recommend the same to colleagues and friends.

Trips and Tours

As simple as it sounds, taking short tours and trips to a country like Singapore through temporary visas or invitations enables you to explore and learn more about the available options for the visa agency market. From your trip, you can personally visit the offices and inquire about the processes and services they offer.


Using visa agents for your visa application is a great way to get your visa quickly and at a considerable fee as opposed to going into it by yourself, which could be more expensive and time-consuming in the long run.

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