How to launch a Successful Public Relations Campaign for Medical Practice

It is of prime importance for physicians to attract and retain patients. The ever-evolving online landscape allows room to do just that with effective public relations campaigns and marketing strategies. Medical technology PR benefits doctors as it boosts a medical practitioner’s online as well as offline presence making it easier for patients to locate you.

Whether you are just starting up your practice or are looking to grow your practice, it is important to understand the components that make up a successful public relations campaign. Here is how you can launch a successful public relations campaign:

Use social media

According to a recent Google study, 77% of patients are likely to use an online search before booking an appointment with a health provider. A doctor quoted in an online medical journal, or one with a strong online presence increases the said doctor’s credibility thereby building a certain trust among potential customers. A social media page to engage with customers is one viable solution, in addition to having Facebook and Twitter pages.

Begin a blog

A blog with regular updates on your medical practice provides many opportunities to address the needs and interests of your audience. This is where content marketing comes into place helping you build your brand to showcase who you are. You could include topics on your specialty, trends and patient feedback as well as recovery stories.

Start an email newsletter

Capturing email addresses and regularly emailing your contacts helps to increase the traffic to your website, blog or social network pages which leads to additional appointment requests as well as referrals. You can begin by collecting subscribers from existing client and referral base as well as from social media followers. All you need to do then is to create a newsletter template with a mailing service such as MailChimp or Constant contact. You can highlight your recent work and make sure that it links back to your blog posts.

Leverage patient reviews

The best marketing partners you can find are referring doctors and your current patients. Ensure that you harness the power of happy clients to help spread your name to potential patients by requesting referrals. Reviews are a great way to not only get the word about yourself across but also are an effective way to understand where you stand. Embrace valuable feedback and make sure that you request referrals from existing customers.

Contribute to industry publications

Writing pieces for medical journals about your experiences and expertise enhances your profile among fellow doctors, thereby leading to referrals. Ensure that you share your knowledge about your areas of expertise to gain credibility.

There are many public relations campaigns available out there. While some might work for you, others just might not- it is all about trial and error to find an effective solution. Visit the website to learn more.


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