Things to Consider When Buying an iPad Carrying Case

Regardless of whether you have a new or old iPad, having a protective case is important to minimize the risk of damage. Tablets like iPad are prone to scratches so having an iPad carrying case is practical.

Shopping for Case

There are a lot of iPad cases on the market and each can fit a certain model. Some iPad models have the same body size that can fit some cases but there are some exceptions as well. While shopping for an iPad case, these tips may be of help.

The third and fourth generations of the iPad models have a different shape from the last. A case or bag that is made for a particular model may not be the same fit as another iPad. For example, iPad 2 cases sometimes may fit the third-generation iPad but not always.

Choosing the right case

There are a lot of covers sold in the market that may confuse buyers. There are neoprene covers, cases that can open like a book, or transformed into a stand. However, the most important thing is that a case must protect your iPad all the time.

The case holds the iPad by a frame or corner straps. Corner straps are used more for those with universal size to fit most tablets. Frames are made of either leather or plastic that is made to fit a certain model where there are cuts for the camera, buttons, and ports.

Some cases have an auto sleep and wake function. You just have to open the cover and the tablet wakes up. Closing it makes it go to sleep.


If you are on the go and prefer to have more protection, sleeves can offer more especially if you cannot find the right case for your iPad.


These are laminated vinyl decals that you add to the back of the iPad. They can be repositioned and changed and will not leave any residue.

How to find the right iPad carrying case

There are plenty of designs to choose from so it is important to check your iPad model or release year to avoid getting an incompatible case. Know the dimensions of your iPad beforehand.

Finding a cover for a less popular tablet might be hard but with iPad, you will not have a hard time. Just make sure you mention the right model.

If you are going to buy an iPad case online, read the descriptions carefully because sometimes the descriptions can be misleading. When an iPad carrying case is only described to be for iPad or iPad pro, you need to double-check if they will fit yours since there are several generations of iPad.

If you want to get an iPad briefcase, it would be a stylish statement depending on what you like and how you want your iPad to look like.

There are a lot of websites to look for iPad cases but make sure to pick one that offers only quality and unique cases. For more information, explore iCarryalls.

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