How to Look for Professional Removalists

Unbelievable as it may sound; it is actually possible to move without any hassles or last-minute fiascos. The key is to find interstate removalists that are professional, experienced, and communicative. In addition to reading online reviews and references, getting recommendations from friends and family can also help a great deal in narrowing down the list. Below explained are some helpful tips for you to identify the best interstate removalists for your moving needs:

  • Go with the Magic Number Three:

With thousands of removalists advertising online, it can become tiresome to continue reading about each company and short listing it. Instead, decide on any three good companies and research them thoroughly. This will give you a fair idea of average prices and services being offered for your moving needs. This can also give you leverage when discussing estimates with these companies later.

  • Offline is better than Online Assessment:

While some companies will offer to create an online estimate for you based on your inventory, it is always best to choose one that can provide an in-person assessment. Ask the removalist professionals to visit your house to take an inventory of all your belongings that you want moved. This ensures a more accurate estimate so there are no surprises later.

Good interstate removalists will ask you different questions to understand your needs better such as – what items you are planning on taking, any additional moving supplies you want other than those being offered by them, what fragile items will need to be handled with utmost care, and the number and type of heavy items to be moved. They will also enquire about your new place and its layout – if it has a flight or two of stairs, a narrow entrance, and space to park a truck on the street.

  • Communication is the Best Policy:

Since you trust a removalist company with the most essential part of your relocation process, it is best to choose one that believes in open communication. The company should not make you feel awkward about asking any doubts or questions you might have. Enquire about their instate and interstate licensure, arbitration policy, type of insurance (such as worker’s compensation), packing services, any items they won’t transport, and replacement or valuation coverage if something gets damaged.

  • Negotiate the Package: 

The moving company will give you an estimate based on your items to be transported. You have to consider the deal given to you by the movers depending on various factors. The factors may include estimated gas expense, labor cost and the space that your items will take in the truck. It is here when you can negotiate with your potential interstate removalist. You can ask them to reduce the price of extra supplies or if you want to change the moving date.

A removalist can be a great help if chosen in the right way. If you also want to hire a quality removalist in Australia, you can contact Transcorp Removals and Storage, a trusted company for years.

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