How to Maintain Easy Clean Floor Mats

Whether your easy clean floor mats are made out of upholstery or rubber, cleaning is one of the fastest ways you can improve  your car’s overall look. Of course, cleaning your floor mats on a regular basis will help your car smell better as well. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain easy clean floor mats.

Remove the Floor Mats

If possible, you should remove the floor mats from your vehicle before cleaning. Be sure to open all of your car doors, one at a time, to remove the mats from the vehicle. You should avoid cleaning the floor mats while they are still in your car. The reason you should remove the mats is to prevent causing water damage to the interior of your vehicle. Also, you don’t want foam consistency or oily products to come into contact with the brake, clutch, or gas pedals. This could cause your foot to slip while driving, which could be dangerous.

Clean the floor mats inside your garage, in your driveway, or at a gas station. If your floor mats are made out of cloth, the first thing you should do is vacuum them. Before you vacuum the mats, you should whack or shake the mats to remove dirt.

Shaking or whacking the mats will remove a lot of the dust embedded in the cloth or rubber floor mats. Of course, you should this outside to avoid getting dust in your car or home. Whack the mat a couple of times against the ground. Look for a hard surface so that you can whack the mats against it. This tactic works for both cloth mats and rubber mats. If you have a scraper, you can use it to remove hardened materials from your rubber mat before you clean it.

Vacuuming cloth floor mats first will allow you to remove most of the soil and dust particles before you do a more thorough cleaning. As you may know from experience, it can be difficult to clean a damp carpet mat. Use baking soda to absorb foul odor and moisture by sprinkling it onto the carpet floor mat. Allow the baking soda to sit on the floor mat for 10 to 20 minutes before you vacuum it. Don’t forget to vacuum the floor mats on both sides to ensure you get all the dust and crumbs.

Use a hose on the dirty side of your rubber mat to clean it. You should avoid making your floor mats wet on their downside. The hose will help you remove dirt or food from the rubber floor mats.

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