How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

You spend a third of your day in your bed, well, you are if you’re getting the recommended hours of sleep each night. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of a calm and cozy place to rest each night. But how can you make your room the best combination of comfy yet aesthetically pleasing?

Clutter Free

First, eliminate all of the clutter in your room. Yes, I’m talking about the chair that has a pile of clothes on it or the random items that belong in other rooms of your home. Make sure every item has a specific home, and establish an effective, yet reasonable way to organize your room to avoid clutter from happening in the future.


Next, you’ll want to make sure you have appropriate furniture in your bedroom. Bed frame, check. Head board, check. Dresser, check. You get the point. Have your typical bedroom necessities for places to put your clothes and other items. However, you don’t need to opt for a traditional bedroom set. Be creative and have unique furniture pieces throughout to show your personality.

Comfy Bedding

You probably won’t sleep very well if you have an itchy, uncomfortable blanket on your bed. Therefore, be sure to purchase a comforter or bedding set that suits your needs. If you like fuzzy blankets, or if you like to be cooler at night and prefer a lighter quilt, choose something that is going to meet your comfort needs.


It’s your bedroom, after all. Whether photos of family and friends, abstract drawings, or live plants are what you enjoy looking at, you’ll want to include that into your space. Whatever interests you have, don’t be afraid to put them on display. If they make you happy, chances are waking up every morning and seeing these items will start your day off on the right note.

Add Textures

Once you have established the basic needs of your room, add some texture throughout. A detailed throw pillow, a bold statement wall, or a textured throw can add just the right amount of detail that your room was missing.

Following a few of these tips will help your bedroom feel more relaxing and unique to your specific taste. If you are still looking for the perfect place to call home and create a bedroom just for you, consider checking out Bellevue houses for sale. There are wonderful homes available that are waiting for you to call your own.

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