How To Make Your Product Stand Out With In-Service Teacher Training

Often called “training on the job,” in-service teacher training may include formal courses and seminars to ongoing, comprehensive career-long programs. It should involve a high level of participation by educators and be cost-effective.

Teacher involvement in program planning will promote ownership of and support for the program.

In-service teacher training  focuses on the professional development of teachers already teaching and may include anything from formal courses and seminars to ongoing, comprehensive career-long programs. Successful participation in these programs should be rewarded with improved financial compensation or advancement along a structured career ladder.

Research has shown that teachers learn most from each other. So rather than having trainers lead the session, let the teachers teach each other.

Create a Unique Marketing Strategy

To stand out from competitors, a marketing team must develop a creative strategy differentiating their product from others. This strategy may include examining the product’s price, place, and promotion, or it could be more in-depth, like determining what features make the product unique. During in-service days, it is essential to offer teachers a chance to discuss what they like and dislike about the current curriculum or learning opportunities. Polling teachers ahead of time to find out what they would like covered can help set the agenda for an effective in-service day. Teachers who are more engaged in their schools can provide a better education for students, so incorporating their input is essential.

Make Your Product Stand Out

Many people are selling the same thing, making it hard to notice your product. However, you can set your products apart from the competition in a few ways. One way is to add a bonus item to your package. For example, if you’re selling a box of granola, consider adding a small piece of taffy to the package. This won’t eat up your profit margin, and it will add excitement to the product. Another way to stand out is to change the angle of your photography or use a different color for your packaging.

Create a Brand

Teachers are always looking for ways to improve their teaching skills and provide the best learning experience for their students. In-service days are an excellent way for teachers to share ideas and learn from each other. In addition, teachers can create meaningful and valuable professional development experiences for their students by focusing on topics that interest the entire team. It’s also important to thank teachers for their time and effort with in-service teacher training gifts, like a coffee mug or a personalized notebook.

Building a brand is one of the most important things you can do to grow your online teaching business. It’s not just about your logo and name but how families see you and feel when they visit your educator profile, class listings, and marketing materials.

Your brand sets you apart from other teachers on Outschool, so consider your unique voice and values when creating your marketing messages and visual assets for your teaching business. You can even create audience personas to help you identify who your potential learners and parents are on Outschool.


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