How to pack furniture before transportation or storage in 5 steps


Packing furniture and luggage before moving furniture or storage of the hardest things facing us during the transition to a new house or to store some furniture for a certain period for any reason and the hardest pieces of furniture chairs and chairs, which we have to dismantle to smaller parts so as to facilitate the process of moving furniture while lifting Cars as well as protect them from breakage or scratches or warp in some cases

Which necessitates some skills and debauchery experience until the process of packaging furniture to form correctly and this is what we will try to teach you in the next steps

If you do not have any idea how to wrap and pack your furniture, here are some tips for proper packing methods for transporting and storing furniture.

You must first acquire all necessary packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, packing tape, newspapers for packing clothes, old blankets or any cloth for furniture before connecting them with ropes, litter and some large plastic bags and bubbles to protect the furniture.

After packing and when you start to connect the steel furniture that can not be tampered with, such as clothes cabinets, tables, chairs and other relatively large pieces, make sure to cover the edges first with the content of the roll or newspaper. Then open the carton boxes and lay the pieces carefully.

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You should use these pieces of cardboard to cover the entire furniture before you roll well with the lattice material. Finally sign on the box with a tag by to see the piece of furniture that is encapsulated to facilitate the process.

When wrapping some pieces of furniture that have glass plates as a storehouse of glass clothes and tables, you should try to unpack the plates first before packing and wrap them with packaging paper to protect them while moving or storing. This will keep them for the longest possible period safely and without any damage after connecting The panels, thanks to their assembly and linking whether the woman can not be removed from the furniture, must be wrapped well with plastic pieces or with an old blanket over a roll to protect them from shocks and safely connect them to the new place so that we do not neglect the main role of those who carry out the mission and apply it in the right ways.

Once again, wrap the adhesive tape on the carton in a tight manner and write whether it is coated with glass or broken glass. Write the word “fragile” on the sticker on the carton. This is important when moving these materials to be dealt with with greater attention.

As for the furniture that can be dismantled, wrap each piece separately in several layers of cardboard. Make sure that all the edges are covered with rollers, newspapers or clothes so that they do not have any scratches when they are moved to the store or new home. Next, wrap all the pieces in the carton together and wrap them with a tape and a label showing the type or furniture received and connect the pieces together to reduce the loss of a piece, making it easy to reassemble.

By knowing the most important methods of packing and packing furniture, you can reduce damage while moving to a new place or when the furniture is stored in furniture storage warehouses

All these tips if applied carefully will meet the purpose, but in the case of multiple pieces of furniture and increase the size of loaf to be used by the company moving furniture in Riyadh professional for the film that task easily and easily and without exposing your furniture to any scratches or fractures due to lack of experience in the transfer and storage of furniture In case of exhaustion, the furniture transport and storage company.


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