How To Pick The Right Watch For You

Shopping for a watch is much harder than shopping for clothes. There are so many details and technical aspects involved that a buyer might end up just not getting a watch. But if you approach watch shopping with a proper method, you can buy yourself a watch that looks good and fits well. Whether you are buying ladies watches or browsing watches for men, this step-by-step guide will be very helpful.

Have You Set A Budget?

You can buy a watch worth Rs. 500 and you can also buy a watch worth Rs. 50,000. It all depends on the kind of budget you set for yourself. And a budget is important to determine the best model you can buy in your price range. For example, if you want to buy a smart watch, your budget might have to be much higher.

What Kind Of Watch Do You Want

Do you want a sporty watch or a casual watch? Do you want an analog watch or digital watch? Do you want one with quartz movement? Watches for men and ladies watches have so much variety that you should do a little research before you head to the showroom or log online to buy a watch for you.

Pick The Dial And Display

Dial shape options include round, square, rectangle, oval etc. The list is quite long. The dial size you pick should be according to your wrist size. A large dial on a petite wrist will seem like overkill. Check the diameter of the dial and then decide what works for you. When it comes to the display, would you rather have a simple analog display or a chronograph display that has multiple features? While picking the dial, also pick a display that you like.

Which Strap Is Comfortable

Leather, silicone, stainless steel, rubber, canvas and ceramic: The buyer has a lot of materials to choose from. The watchstrap should match properly with the dial and style of the watch. Secondly, it should fit comfortable on your wrist and not cause chafing. The bracelet style is also available for ladies watches.

Look At The Battery Life And Warranty

Lastly, check the battery life of your watch. Some watches need to be wound at regular intervals while others are powered by kinetic movement. Batteries last anywhere between two to ten years, so make sure you find out how long the battery for your watch will last. Warranty is also important since you can get your watch repaired or replaced when it is under warranty.


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