How To Stitch A Halter Dress? Complete Overview!

A halter dress is a dress that is strapless and has a sleeveless upper half that is tied around the neck. The tie that is around the neck can be sewn or designed in a way such that it would have to be tied in a knot or bow. Some also have hooks or buttons to hold the neck fabric in place.

These dresses are usually stitched using lightweight woven fabric like chiffon and lace. These dresses can vary in length; they can be floor length or can even be as short as a mini skirt. Despite being casual, they give off a chic and stunning look when paired with valuable jewelry and high boots or heels.

How To Stitch A Maxi Halter Dress?

  1. You would need 2.3m of fabric that is 55- 60 inches wide. Depending on your height, you can also get 2.7m if you’re tall. Fold your fabric lengthwise and lay it out on the floor. Using the bodice from a t-shirt of your size, cut out one dress piece on the fold, and one on the edge of either side of the fabric. 
  2. Keep the pattern approximately 2 inches far from the fold and cut it out, extending the bottom edge to cut it like a long dress piece. The fold would differ according to the size you wear. If it is XL then you can move 3 inches or less if you are a smaller size. 
  3. You would also require around 1 meter of fabric to make the dress straps. The straps would be cut to 2 inches wide and fold it and stitch to make it half an inch wide. 
  4. After cutting, you would have 3 cut pieces: the front of them, and 2 halves for the back.

The Sewing Process:

  • Put the right side of the back pieces together and sew through the middle and you will have 2 dress pieces that look the same. Finish the rough-looking edges to make it look neat. 
  • Repeat this on the other side of the dress also
  • Place the front and back right sides together and stitch them together on the side. And do the same for the other side. For the sides, fold the edges at about a quarter-inch and sew, and for the neckline stitch it after folding three quarters. 
  • Make sure the half-inch straps that you stitched are ready.
  • Using a safety pin put the straps through the front neckline and others through the back neckline. 
  • Try on the dress and cut the straps where you think they fit perfectly for you and cut out the extra part. 
  • You can add a few stitches to do proper fitting once the dress is ready. 

Stitching a halter dress at home can be fun, entertaining, and cost-effective. You can stitch one easily and show it off on all your occasions. What are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself! Get in touch with experts to learn more about the concept of halter dresses in general.

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