How To Support a Recovering Addict During the Holiday Season

Even though someone who has struggled with substance abuse went to an addiction treatment center and completed their path to recovery, sobriety is still a decision they have to make every day. Some certain situations and events can be triggering for individuals in recovery. One example is, an individual who’s maintained sobriety for years may still struggle with cravings, especially during the holiday seasons. Whether the presence of substances or discouraging family, a recovering addict may face various challenges during the holiday season that threaten their sobriety.

Many people in Cottonwood Heights with loved ones recovering from addiction are unaware of assisting them during a triggering situation. That is why we have highlighted some ways you can be supportive.

How to support a recovering addict during the holiday season

There are various elements of celebrations during the holidays in Cottonwood Heights that can trigger cravings in individuals recovering from substance abuse. Alcohol, discouraging friends, and family, even the anxiety of being around a large group of people can temp someone who has completed treatment to seek refuge in past behaviors. By educating yourself on supporting someone in recovery during the holidays, you can help prevent possible overdoses or relapses.

There are various ways you can help someone who is currently in treatment or recovering during the holidays.

Education on Addiction

One of the first steps in educating yourself on supporting someone in recovery treatment during the holidays is by learning about addiction. Contrary to common knowledge, addiction is a disease, not a choice, which is why many believe that a person chooses their chemical dependency when addiction is a result of long-term substance abuse. The user might not realize they have developed a chemical dependency until it is too late. Once the dependency has begun, they are unable to stop using even if they want to. By educating yourself about addiction and recovery done at a treatment center, you will know what to expect throughout their treatment and how to stay patient.

Have Reasonable expectations

A person recovering from chemical dependency may not see certain situations the same as you. Your idea of a great time at a holiday party could be their version of relapse. Try your best to be patient and try and see it from their perspective. For an individual who is currently in a treatment program at the rehabilitation center, they are thinking of being cautious and having a fun time without relapsing back into their old ways. Instead of reassuring them that they are fine, ask how they are feeling, what you can do to help, or offer to take them somewhere else that they feel more comfortable celebrating.

These are just a few of the ways you can help someone who has struggled with addiction to celebrate the holidays safely and enjoyable.

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