How to Use Graphics Website like Pinterest to Display Your Art Online?

Art and its application in a profitable manner are the sole purposes of professional artists who are out there to make a living through the paintings that they have created. Previously one had to struggle a lot to get oneself established as a professional artist. It is very true that art without proper exposure loses its value as a saleable product. Selling pictures through galleries is an old but still relevant practice but with the arrival of the Internet and its unique growth people now have the scope to feature their artworks online.

Using social media for enhancing the visibility of one’s artworks

Usage of social media platforms for professional reasons is very common. People having websites and blogs use different social media accounts for directing possible buyers to their sites. Updating blogs and websites with suitable information is also important so that users know about the new bits of information.

The useful features of Pinterest

Pinterest which is a graphic site allows artists from all around the world to showcase their artistic creations. Art lovers, on the other hand, can acquire great artefacts through this medium. It is a cherished dream of all artists to obtain a respectable status in the society through their artwork, so it is important to sell pictures. Making capital profit through the sale of obtaining allows a person to indulge in one’s passion in the form of a profession. There are many ways in which one can enhance the visibility and selling prospects of one’s artworks through Pinterest.

Building an art board or opting for individual pins

Pinning a picture on Pinterest is very easy one can just upload the digital image of the painted picture and pin it on Pinterest. One can make a virtual board where different types of images under a particular tag are uploaded for public view. Making the whole board of images public will enable one to get better exposure

Availing the sending option added on Pinterest

Pinterest has a sending option which can be used by artists to send individual image pins or a board of pinned images to other users on Pinterest who are interested in buying art. Online galleries or users who do not have a Pinterest account can also be contacted easily through Pinterest if one has the email address of the user. The board of images should be accompanied by a small descriptive tag so that it interests the potential buyer.

Joining or creating group boards

A group board is a platform on Pinterest which has a group of artists pinning different images or image boards along with price tags. This group board can have several artists who are desirous of selling their pictures to customers. The artwork of a particular artist can be identified quickly by the group board and can be purchased without difficulty. One can build a group board and ask artists to join the team and then work towards the selling of the pictures by promoting and sending them to possible buyers. On the other hand, one can join such a group and feature his/her works for sale.  Marketing your art via Pinterest was brought to you by UK’s top London art school – . City and Guild is an art school in the heart of London, providing art classes including Bachelors and master degrees in conservation Studies, Historic Carving, Diploma in Woodcarving or Architectural Stone Carving. For more information you can visit them on the URL above.

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