Implementing Refrigerated Cooling in Your Office

When it comes to air conditioning for your office there is a lot to consider when deciding on which is the best system. Important considerations to make are the size of the space that you are looking to cool, energy efficiency of the unit, overall cost and the amount of usage which you expect from the AC unit. A common choice for offices is refrigerated cooling air conditioners which offer a wide range of benefits, when compared to an evaporative cooling system. Let’s look at exactly what this type of AC system is, and how it can be implemented into your office.

What Is a Refrigerated AC Unit?

Quite simply the difference in refrigerated and evaporating AC units comes down to the way in which the system cools the air. In a refrigerated unit it will draw warm and cold air from outside and using refrigerants it will then bring the air down to the required temperature and pump that into the office. Conversely an evaporative unit will cool the air by passing the warm air through wet pads bringing down the temperature of the air in the AC unit, which is then released into the room.

Benefits of Refrigerated Cooling

The reason why so many choose to use this type of air conditioning unit rather than a swamp cooler (evaporative) is because it offers many more benefits, especially for an environment such as an office. The benefits of this cooling system include reducing humidity, an increase in cooling potential, improvement of air quality and a reduction in causing problems for those with allergies. On top of this as no water is involved in the cooling of the air, the quality is far higher and there is less risk of germs spreading.


If you are looking to install either a mini ductless split air conditioner or a ducted system in the office, then either way it requires a bit of work. In the case of the ductless system it requires you to have a unit outside the building and then several units inside the building to cool the office space. Logistically this may be difficult depending on what building you are in and where it is situated. On the other hand, a ducted refrigerated cooling system involves installing a large system in the roof of the building and then hollowing out ducts which will take the cool air to each room within the office. Both will need to be carried out by a professional and this cost should be factored into your decision when selecting an AC system.


An air conditioner in the office is essential during most months of the year in warm climates and it will make up around 30-40% of your overall electricity bill. Because of the way in which refrigerated units work in cooling the air, they use much more electricity than an evaporative cooler. A ducted system installation for the office ranges in price between $10,600 and $18,900 depending on the space and the difficulty of the installation. In terms of a mini ductless split, you can expect to pay in the region of $4,200 to $6,700 depending on the difficulty and which suppieryou are using.

Generally speaking, a refrigerated AC system is by far the most effective and efficient option, and they can provide great cooling for offices both large and small. However, be sure to accurately determine your organization’s requirements before making a final decision.

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