Interesting Office Designs

Offices are now experiencing a revolution in design. They are no longer dreary cubicles with people working mechanically all day long. They are now full of life and vibrant shades along with many other additions that make the workplace more fun and productive. This change is now being incorporated in offices worldwide, and many office interior designers in Bangalore are applying these ideas.


Many office interior designers in Bangalore add a touch of drama to offices by hanging dramatic pendant lights made up of small diamond-shaped chandeliers with gorgeous lighting effect. The chandeliers are attached at different levels and are colour -coordinated. A touch of greenery is added to the walls through the use of creepers and other ornamental plants.

Here is a tip! Under every chandelier, place comfortable seating options for intensive brainstorming sessions.


Nowadays, many companies have a dedicated space for recreational sports as it endorses the belief of healthy mind, healthy body. It is a perfect way for a sports company to showcase their logo. For example, installing some basketball hoops near the cafeteria is apt for working out those kinks. Other ways to incorporate sports would be through a life-size mosaic of a famous sportsperson, placing a ping-pong table, carrom boards and so on. Some office interior designers in Bangalore even install a slide for getting from point A to B. Even a fireman’s sliding pole is quite in demand as employers want to create a relaxed atmosphere at work.

No cubicles

Traditional cubicles consist of three or four shared workspaces or in a row. But, currently, the office interior designers in Bangalore are bringing different options of seatings to offices. For example, tents instead of cubicles that give your employees space to work or have an uninterrupted meeting with clients. Plant some huge saplings in the middle of the corridor and build a comfortable seating arrangement with some throw pillows for that extra comfort. Usually, tech companies around the world are famous for their perks given to employees at work. Some of the prominent companies have also installed hammocks for a power nap between assignments. Themed booths in shape of letters and coffee tables are now gaining popularity.

However, more traditional employers are still using the cubicle arrangement. But employees are encouraged to design them any way they want with trinkets, decorative articles and so on.


There is a general misconception that industrial means dull and stiff. However, many office interior designers in Bangalore are incorporating industrial tones as part of their design. They offer more space for the employees to carry out their job throughout the day seamlessly. The cool and monotone industrial tone is complemented by bright shades like orange and blue. The advantage of industrial tones is that it comes with low maintenance and is perfect for those offices who want minimal design complete with focal points.

Office designs across the world are now transforming from rigid to fluid. Many office interior designers in Bangalore are now adopting those practices. Give an exciting makeover to your office led by the office design experts from Design Arc Interiors.

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