Know about the infusion pumps that are widespread in clinical settings

A medical device   is used to deliver fluids like the nutrients as well as medications into the body of the patient and that too in controlled amounts. This device is seen in almost all the clinical settings like the nursing homes, the hospitals and also in many homes. It is in fact operated by trained professionals.

Speciality about infusion pumps

  • The infusion pump is generally operated by a qualified and trained person. They actually know how to program the rate as well as the duration of the delivery of the fluid. This is done usually through a built –in software interface.
  • They are much better and have several advantages as compared to the manual administration of fluids. They have a better ability to deliver the fluids in smaller volumes.
  • The fluids can also be delivered in programmed rates or you can say automated intervals. It is also possible to deliver the medications like the insulin or any other hormones.

There are different types of infusion pump that include large volume devices.

  1. There are some that are designed for stationary use and can be sued by the bed side of the patient.
  2. The other one is known as the ambulatory pump that is specially designed to be both portable and wearable.

Use of the pump

  • These pumps are frequently used to administer critical fluids. These include high –risk medications that have significant implications.
  • This is mainly used for the safely of the patient.
  • They are specially equipped with all the safety features which consist of the alarms or another operator alerts that activate during the event of the problem.

There are some that are designed to alert the users when air or any other blockage needs to be detected. Now there are many smart infusion pumps that are used to alert the user.

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