More Means Less: 4 Tips to Travel Lightly

Are you headed somewhere for a quick vacation? If you’re staying for several days, then there’s no need to bring a large bag and heaps of clothing. It’s time to start planning for the appropriate gear to carry when traveling light. For more travel tips like the ones you can read here, you can visit travelright to know more.

The things that you need to bring mainly depends on the activities that are on your itinerary. However, if you’re dealing with the basics, here are some helpful tips to help you pack the essentials and enjoy your short vacation without lugging a heavy bag along.

A Right-sized Bag Will Do.

You won’t have any difficulty in looking for the bag to bring. The only thing you’ll have to consider is the size. It’s better to bring a bag that you can carry whether you’re traveling by land, air, or sea. It’s easier to keep an eye on your bag if it’s close to you. You also don’t have to wait for unloaded luggage on the conveyor belt. 

Some companies also charge extra fees for luggage put on the cargo hold. The costs that you’ll have to pay for depends on the weight of your luggage, so if you’re carrying a lot, you’ll also pay more. Cabin luggage or overnight bags can help you save money for your trip. 

Be Picky About the Clothes That You Bring.

You’re traveling for a short time so pack your typical everyday outfit for your trip. Plan your activities, and bring the necessary clothes if there are special events like parties. However, don’t think of every possible situation that you might encounter on your trip, or else you’ll end up bringing the bulk of your closet with you.

Not only is this impractical, but you’ll be bringing dead weight with you. You’re paying for your extra luggage, but there’s a high chance that you won’t get to wear all of it. You’ll end up wasting money. 

Go for layers, not for bulk.

If there’s cold weather in your destination, the first thing you’ll think of is bringing a thick sweater or jacket. However, bulky items leave less space in your luggage, which means that you have to leave some essential things behind. The solution to this is bringing thinner clothes and then layering them. 

Merino wool is an ideal material for the clothes that you can bring. This wool comes from Merino sheep, and it’s an excellent material because of its softness, which saves you from skin irritation. It can keep you cozy during the cold winter nights, and it’s also antimicrobial and protects you from body odor. 

Wear the bulk, don’t put it in the bag.

If it’s highly necessary that you bring bulky items, wear it instead of packing it inside. Pack the items with lesser weight so you won’t have to carry a heavy bag with you. A heavy bag can be very inconvenient, mainly if you have connecting flights to catch. Packing light applies to all items, including pants, tops, shoes, and sweaters. Minimize packing bulky items to give way for other traveling essentials. 


Every person who travels goes through the process of deciding which items to take and which to leave behind. It’s ideal to bring an overnight bag or cabin luggage if you’re going on a short trip. Make sure to carry only the necessary items, and avoid the heavy ones. Avoid packing a lot of things and enjoy your trip.

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