Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics: The Incentive for Safe Driving 

Motor vehicle accident statistics show that the number of car crashes is increasing exponentially. The latest available statistics show that there is an average of 6 million car accidents per year in the United States. And, over ninety people die as a result of a car accident every day. Finally, circa 2 million drivers are permanently injured as a result of motor vehicle crashes every year. 

These statistics make for sobering reading. And, they provide the impetus for the following questions: 

  • How do you avoid being caught in an accident that is not your fault? 
  • What do you do when involved in a motor vehicle accident?

It is also reasonable to assume that these questions require careful consideration. For, if they are answered correctly, there is a chance that if enough drivers follow these “safe driving” guidelines, the motor vehicle accident statistical curve will flatten out and start on a downward trend. 

Therefore, let’s look at each question individually to provide realistic, practical answers. 

Ways to avoid being caught in an accident that isn’t your fault 

There are several things that a driver can do to mitigate the risk of adding to the latest motor vehicle accident statistics. And, they can all be summed up in one phrase: Practice defensive driving techniques.

What is defensive driving? states that defensive driving includes skills that emphasize “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.”

In order to expand on this definition, let’s consider the following driving tips:

Do not get distracted while driving 

Texting, chatting or browsing social media on a smartphone while driving is one of the biggest modern distractions. Statistics quoted by The National Safety Council indicate that mobile phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Thus, it is vital to stay off all mobile devices while driving. 

Remain aware of your surroundings

A fundamental part of defensive driving is to remain aware of what the other drivers around you are doing. Thus, if another driver makes a mistake, you can take safe, evasive action and avoid an accident. Also, it is vital to pull off the road, and rest should you become fatigued. Do not continue driving; otherwise, you run the risk of falling asleep while driving, which could end up costing you your life.

Avoid being the perpetrator of a road rage incident

Drivers make mistakes. It’s all part of being human. However, getting angry and aggressive at another driver’s mistakes can only result in disaster. By focusing on one driver’s mistakes, even if you are caught in the fallout, will take your focus off the road; thus, resulting in a possible accident that is your fault. 

Surviving the aftermath of a car accident

As noted above, no matter how defensively and carefully you drive, there is a risk of being caught in an accident. Therefore, it is vital to follow the general tips like collecting the other drivers’ contact details, calling law enforcement and medical personnel, and alerting other drivers to the fact that there is an accident up ahead, so they do not add to the accident. 

Additionally, it is critically important to hire a Winchester injury attorney to manage the legal fallout from this accident. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you need to file a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the accident to cover the costs of medical bills and time off work.  On the other hand, if the accident was your fault, you need an attorney to defend you against third-party liability claims from the other motor vehicle accident victims.  

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