My Quarantine Deck

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Ahhh, quarantine – a crazy time for all! Many homeowners took this time to work on projects around the house and the hardware stores are sold out of just about everything. Pool companies are booked solid and you can’t get anyone to install for 18-20 weeks. During our quarantine, every household was looking for something to do. Whether it was a project to keep you busy or a project to give your kids something to do, it had to be done! Backyard spaces became THE place to be and many people built new decks to create a comfortable, private outside area around a brand new pool. One thing that you might not realize is that you need deck waterproofing to protect your investment.

Why Do I Need Deck Waterproofing?

There are several structural reasons for waterproofing. Left unprotected, water begins to drip between cracks. This creates a moist area underneath the deck that will result in mold, mildew, and eventually affect the viability of the area. In addition, this build-up can cause the concrete to lift and become uneven.

Spalling is a process whereby the decking becomes pitted and deteriorates. You will notice the flaking or peeling of the concrete. This happens because of moisture seeping into it and breaking the surface spores. Deck waterproofing can prevent this type of damage. In addition, it will make your pool area look better and expand the life of your deck.

Safety Reasons

Having a pool in the backyard is a wonderful experience as you fill your time with fun and exercise for all. Backyard barbecues, pool parties, and family get-togethers will be highlighted with swimming in the pool.  However, there are many risks involved, and one of them is the safety of your concrete pool deck.

  • Wet surfaces are slippery surfaces unless you have waterproofing applied to your deck. A slip and fall accident can be more than just a skinned knee. No one wants to be responsible for an injury that occurs on your pool deck.
  • We mentioned above that as moisture develops under the concrete, it begins to lift and thus ensues an uneven surface. Anyone can trip on this rocky area and get hurt.

Pool ownership requires a little extra work as you probably already know. Keeping the chemicals balanced, the pool and deck area free of grass, leaves, and debris are all part of the process. Having waterproofing added to your deck will make less work for you so you can enjoy your pool and deck area more often.

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