Anonymous vs. Taking Credit: How Should You Write Your Opinions?

Telling the world how you feel about something won’t receive much backlash if you are writing a review of a product or website.

But most personal opinion topics are rather serious or controversial. These topics require the writer to stay in the shadows while publishing their post as a blogger on any reputable anonymous website.

You already know why people write using their names, fame, money, success, and everything related. But to make your decision correctly, let’s look at a couple of reasons why a blogger would like to be a John Doe.

Writing On a Controversial Subject

Many subjects can be complicated because both sides of it are very serious about it. If you start writing about something political, religious, or anything that can infuriate the population, then being anonymous makes sense.

If you do use your real name, the consequences might seep into your personal life. Hate mail, stalking, and verbal abuse are very possible outcomes that can be avoided by being anonymous on difficult topics.

Trying Something Different

If you are already posting blogs or articles under a particular niche or category, then you have an audience that checks out your work to see similar things.

If you try to experiment with a different type of writing, then your audience might be baffled and frustrated.

For instance, you usually write short stories for kids, but you decide to do a romantic short novel. You wouldn’t want kids begging their parents to buy something erotic, now would you?

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