Oxowns.art is a blockchain art collective platform that is uniquely revolutionizing the community of artists. In Oxowns. Art, you will be able to exchange cryptocurrency and be the owner of a work, and then the work will get a resale value for its next purchase.

The ownership of the art transfers from one person to another person and the transfer of the ownership is acknowledged when the amount gets transferred to the ETH account of the user. No transfer of digital assets or tokens is accepted in this transaction. Only Ethereum blockchain art provenance is reflected in the account of the owner that the owner has been transferred.

When you register yourself on Oxowns.art, you can see the current market price of the work. If you like it, you can purchase it and then set a price for it for resale. If someone else after you likes the work, they will purchase the art, and then the ownership will get transferred to their name, and your account will be credited with the resale value.

What is Oxowns.art doing?

Art has been a wonderful mirror of the social, economic, and political situation of the society from hundreds of years. The earliest recorded types of art are visual arts, which consist of production of objects or images in the areas consisting of today sculpture, printing, digital photography, printmaking, and various other aesthetic media. Cavern paints, sculptures, petroglyphs, and rock paints from the Upper Paleolithic dating to about 40,000 years back have been located. However, the exact definition of such art is usually challenged since so little is understood concerning the societies that created them.

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With this belief in mind, Oxowns.art is trying to represent today’s society and also the revolution of the cryptocurrency which is gradually becoming a major financial system globally. It functions on a benchmarking principle, where they produce an artwork that has no place in the physical world or electronic tokens of possession. This is a new age of acquiring possession of art, in the world of cryptocurrency.

The people who will buy the art won’t be designated as the owners of that work, but they will be called as participants in the first of the type of the expression of ownership globally.

The creator of Oxowns.art, CalArts MFA Alexander Rafalovich said that he always thought cryptocurrency as a kind of performance art. Cryptocurrencies make no pretense of allure to anything of innate worth. They have worth because their areas state they do.


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