Plan for a Classy Bachelor Party yourself!

A bachelor party is not a casual get together with friends, nor it is a group of groomsmen corrupting the groom before he takes the final plunge. It is possible to make a modern Bachelor party much more creative and which may not include cringe-induced activities. It will make the party a celebration of friendship and the transition of the groom into a more mature role in life.

So here is how to plan for it:

Preparing for a classy bachelor party is not that hard if you maintain a checklist, and it will be wise to give plenty of time to establish a solid plan.

Select A Date

To arrange a party, The first thing you need to do is to select an appropriate date for it. Consider the location of the party and Availability of the groom when choosing the time. It is also useful to consult the bride so that she does not plan anything for that night. It is even a better idea to plan the event on the same weekend that the bride is having her bachelorette party.

Establish A Budget

Now that you have selected a date, you need to make sure how much to spend for the party. Typically this budget will cover food and alcoholic beverages, decorations, hotel, travel, entertainment, etc. Generally, the best man and groomsmen shoulder the cost of the event. But if your party location is out of the town, guests may have to cover travel expenses, while the hosts cover the lodgings.

Select The Perfect Venue

The venue of the bachelor party can be the groom’s favorite bar, club, or restaurant in the town, or out-of-town like a beach or casino. But wherever it happens, make sure to send the invitations with plenty of time to allow your guests to plan accordingly.

Send The Invitations

You have made all the arrangements, now it’s time to send warm invitations so that no one goes for refusing it. Make sure the party is attended by the entourage and maybe some of the groom’s close friends.

Planning the details 4-6 weeks before the party:

Now you would want to make the bachelor party a special event by taking care of all the essentials, so it is an unforgettable one.

Food and alcoholic beverages

One of the essential parts of any party is food and beverages. You would want to serve finger foods so that the people can quickly pick one off and snack on it as it will consist of alcoholic beverages. Choose a healthy and delicious meal from your catering service. Remember that your caterer should have a website for catering businesses to allow you to plan and manage your event via a website.


Decorations are not the most important parts of a bachelor party as the groom will probably care more about entertainment. However, it can still be a part of the show. You might want to get some bachelor party buttons or t-shirts and even make an epic look for the groom and guests by giving them some funny sort of outfits.


If you have arranged the party in a hotel or restaurant or anywhere which requires to be reserved, you should confirm the guests and make reservations accordingly. As a host, you also need to maintain peace and class of the party. Attend all the guests, hire a professional bartender who can serve your guests properly, check if everyone has drinks, allow no violence at all and do everything to ensure your party will become an unforgettable one.

Travel Arrangements

If you are going to celebrate inside the town, you also need to make some travel arrangements as well. Be sure to do that before time. It would be a fantastic idea to arrange some sorts of drop off services for the guests as some people would not be able to get their homes back without any help. So, arrange some cab services or other drops off options for getting all guests back home safely.

It is not too hard to plan for a Classy bachelor party which you can’t do alone. You only need to care about a few things, and you are ready to host an event you will never forget.


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