Professional Tanning: What You Need To Know

Professional tanning is the new color of the season as stepping out in the sun means being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Professional tanning solutions are fast becoming popular among both men and women alike because who likes to get baked in the sun?

Before you rush into it there are a few preparation fundamentals that you should follow:

  1. Exfoliate

Before going in for your tanning session, exfoliate your skin well to remove dirt, dead skin. It is recommended to exfoliate a day before your tanning appointment.

  1. Hair Removal

Do not schedule shaving or waxing after the tanning session. Do it after the proper setting of the spray tan. It would also ensure your tan color does not lift off while shaving or waxing.

  1. No make-up and no deodorant

They would provide you with face wipes, but remove your make-up or wear none. Remove your deodorant or do not use it for that day as it may act as a barrier to your fake tanning.

  1. Get completely undressed

Get completely undressed and remove all your jewelry and accessories. If you feel conscious, you can have just basic minimal underwear. We recommend you wear disposable pants and maybe fishnet for the hair. Also, you may have sticky feet on to protect them from the spray tan.

  1. Depth of the tan

You need to let your tanning professional know what level of tanning you want. You may show reference pictures of celebrities or choose something according to the occasion. If it is for a holiday it has to last long enough while if it for a function you would not want to go deep.

  1. Follow the instructions of the professional

Every professional has their technique and way of applying a spray tan. They will give instructions for each body part while spray tanning. Follow their instructions carefully to avoid making any mistakes. For example, for the face, you need to take a deep breath and hold it in while being spray tanned. There will be separate instructions on how you need to stand and so on.

  1. Get dressed only when you are dry

Carry loose, dark clothing and wear them after the tanning session and only when you are dry. Avoid clothes that may rub off your tan.

  1. Shower

It is recommended to shower only after 6-8 hours of your tanning session. Avoid making plans for the day as your tan needs to soak in for a long-lasting effect. It is better if you let it sit overnight and take a shower the following morning. Remember your sheets might carry a bit of the mess!

  1. 48 hours to set in

Your spray tan takes about 48 hours to set in. Best is to schedule your professional tanning session at least two days before the event.

  1. Apply perfume on clothes

You may smell a bit funny post your professional tanning session, but apply perfume to your clothes but not your skin.

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