Qualities of a Personal Security Guards

The security officer must ensure the security of the property and the people he protects. He enforces the rules specific to his place of practice to ensure their protection, this is what Gold Coast securities offer, but we have also streamlined the qualities of a personal security guard.

Qualities of a Personal Security Guard


The self-control is to control oneself; it is the ability to manage their emotions and impulses. This quality is essential to exercise the job of a watchman. Indeed, an agent may be confronted with different stressful situations during the performance of his duties.

For example, during an access control mission, a drunk person or drug addict who wants to enter a site guarded by a supervisor will not understand that he is denied access. The frustrated individual is likely to behave aggressively towards the agent and may start uttering insults. The security guard must be able to control himself emotionally and not respond to provocation while carrying out his access control mission.

The supervisor must keep his cool in all circumstances. If a person loses consciousness, he must remain calm so as not to shake and thus perform the right first aid. In all circumstances, a security guard must keep his cool

Enhanced Vigilance

The supervisor must identify any anomaly and suspicious behavior. He will also be reactive and can intervene as soon as possible only with a keen sense of observation.


The officer, while respecting the law and instructions, must be able to make the right choices quickly and respond quickly when situations dictate. He will sometimes have to deal with contentious cases and react autonomously to carry out his mission.

Relational Qualities

In order to be understood by everyone, the security guard must be able to express himself properly, both in front of the direct interlocutor and on the telephone. In addition, he must always focus on diplomacy and dialogue to appease a situation likely to degenerate into avoiding the use of physical contact. He must be a diplomat, but also be able to demonstrate firmness when the situation requires it.

Have a Very Good Physical Condition

A security guard must maintain his physical fitness in order to withstand the constraints imposed by his occupation, such as variable hours and night work, having to stand several hours to monitor a site, do patrols.

Have Good Writing Skills

Officers must be able to express themselves correctly in writing because they often have to write anomaly reports. Being able to give facts in writing (with a pen or email) is therefore essential.

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