Range of Water Tanks in Australia

Water tanks are available in varied sizes, styles and colour combinations in Australia. The types of water tanks available in the market are Poly tanks, steel tanks, tank pumps and their accessories and Aquaculture, chemical and industrial tanks. 

The most popular of all the types is the Round Poly Water Tank. Its water storage capacity ranges from 340-34000 litres. It is an excellent value for money. The design of the water tank is stylish and modern. 

Some of the companies offer a colour choice of over 20 colours in the Poly tanks alone. They have been designed with the latest new generation poly tank design.

Water Tanks and Accessories

The water tank suppliers also offer a wide range of water pumps and controllers along with the water tanks. They can provide you with the perfect water pump to suit your particular requirement. The water tank accessories available with the tanks are filtration fittings, diverters, controllers and camper tanks. 

The quality of the water tank also has to be chosen carefully for a perfect fit. The tanks should be available at competitive prices with the best design and inclusions in the market. A team of experts will assist the client in making the right tank purchase for his needs. They make sure that the purchased tanks are delivered to any part of Australia for the client.

Reasons to store water in a Water Tank

Australia is known for long periods of drought situations. At these times, managing the limited water supplies could seem difficult. A large capacity water tank provides solution to this problem. 

The steel water tank range is a very popular choice as they are durable, reliable and offer affordable large volume water storage. They undergo rigorous tests in world class facilities before being marketed. 

If galvanized tank shells are used in place of zincalume shells in the steel water tanks, it eliminates the risk of sacrificial anodes. Most of the companies are offering a warranty of 20 years on their water tanks. 

Applications of Water Tanks

The steel water tanks especially have three main applications. They are used as fire tanks, farm water tanks and mostly as rainwater general storage tanks. On the other hand, the Poly tanks have a longer life as they are equipped with sun smart technology. 

They come with a guarantee of 10 years only though. They have attractive designs and are extremely durable for use. The manufacturing of the water tanks is done locally in Australia. This ensures superior quality product and design of the water tank. 

The Poly tanks are made out of one piece UV stabilised polyethylene and as a result the product is stronger and more durable than other materials. After the purchase, the delivery of the tank is done free of cost by the supplier to the customer. 

All Oz Tanks is a reliable manufacturer of high quality water tanks in Australia. They ensure that that their products comply with the Australian standards of food content and drinking water. The tank storage size ranges from 660 to 46,400 litres of water.


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