Recommended Book Series for Adults

There is so much more an author can do with a trilogy or a series of books than they can with just one. A novel can only introduce and tackle so many themes and important plot points before it’s confusingly overcrowded. With a larger body of work and an already established world and characters, a skilled writer can dive headfirst into deep and interesting scenarios and settings.

There are thousands of epic trilogies and series out there so here are our picks for some of the lesser-known but well worth it recommended book series for adults.

The Catching A Miracle Trilogy by Mark Spinicelli

In this saga, we follow a doctor as she tirelessly searches for the cure for cancer, which has plagued her life already and sparked in her a fire and drive that cannot be put out. Each of the books provides new intrigue, plot points, and conspiracy but the first in the series sets the scene for the shadowy and sinister political thriller to play out in. It’s a story about the human spirit and how important hope and determination are in achieving goals and making the world a better place. For more information, see here.

Sam Hain Occult Detective by Bron James

In this cleverly written and delightfully well-humored series of novellas, we follow the adventures of Sam Hain and his psychic companion Alice as they investigate paranormal events, magical mysteries, and other happenings that would fall in the spooky, eerie, and creepy categories. Squaring off against ghouls, demons, and other mythical entities the pair continues to take the reader on a Halloween costumed romp through the detective genre. Bron James is an author with a lot to say and you should get involved in the series now as his pen never seems to tire and there’s plenty more to come.

Area X Omnibus by Jeff VanderMeer

The Southern Reach trilogy is different from most of the recommended book series for adults as each installment is so radically different from the last. It begins with Annihilation which has recently been adapted into a cult-hit movie starring Natalie Portman. The story follows four unnamed women as they delve into the mysterious Area X, identified only by their professions we learn more about them and their backstories as we get to the heart of the mystery.

The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov

When the end of all known existence is rearing its inevitable head what do you do? Well, psycho-historian Hari Seldon has foreseen the end of the galactic empire and the 30,000 years of chaos and destruction that will follow in its wake. This fate is set in stone but the period of darkness that follows is not. By compiling a list of all knowledge and information he believes he can cut the reign of war and turmoil of the interim period to just 1,000 years. But to do so he must be sent into isolation on Terminus. This genre-defining trilogy is one of the best there is and the series has later been expanded further with sequels and prequels after a 30-year hiatus. Now you can binge read it all at once.


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