Recommended Hotels to Stay in Medan

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Even though Medan is a massive city with plenty of resorts to select from, it’ll make sense to choose quality rather than quantity. Most of the following are within strolling distance of some fantastic places. Together with using a single additional flung alternative for people who wish to spend more time eating and drinking coffee together at Jl. Ring Road.

Hotel d’Prima

With set right over the rail station, the friendly and uber-clean Resort d’Prima ticks a great deal of the boxes we all search for in a resort, which makes it our prime option in Medan.

The staffs are accommodating and friendly. It also includes ample immaculate bedrooms, showers piping warm, and the beds’ sharp linen a refreshing burst after a couple of weeks traveling the non-so-hot part of North Sumatra. Free Wifi is standard, and rooms include tea and coffee, flat-screen TV along with large glass windows that let the light pour inside. One minor quibble is that the “desk” isn’t actually a desk, and if you want to do a little bit of work, you’re going to be working on the bed or in a nearby cafe.

We are not joking about the place. The resort is really at the top of the Medan railway channel, making it perfect for anyone wishing to work with the train service into this airport. It’s only across the street from the Merdeka Park and outside the Merdeka Walk with its numerous restaurants and cafes. You are also only a ten-minute walk from Tjong A Fie Mansion.

Charges (superiors 350,000 rupiahs, deluxe 400,000 rupiahs) are incredibly reasonable for the conventional. The only thing of warning is to get your laundry everywhere, as it’s costly here! If that is the very first night in Sumatra and you also wish to ease yourself to Medan, if Hotel d’Prima matches your budget, then look no more. Shop online to get a discounted cost –room prices include a free breakfast in the Starbucks downstairs.

Hotel Madani

Large with carpeting that would not look strange at The Shining, the five flooring Resort Madani is kitty-corner to Raya Al-Mashun Mosque and provides up superior mid, even if a little shabby, fare room.

Much like all the local Angel and Residence, the resort is convenient for this mosque and Istana Maimoon, but little else. We would say if you’re seeking to spend within this type of price bracket, you would likely be better using one of those Caribbean and much more contemporary resorts. Like d’Prima or even Hermes Palace–that seems like a tour band or wedding resort.

Yet rooms are comfortable and well–sized with a yellowish color throughout. Beds are not just as firm as they look as they need to be, but possess bed lamps and side tables together with upholstered furniture and a little desk. Hot water baths are immaculate. No alcohol or drugs are allowed in the area, and traveling couples may request a wedding certificate should they like to share a room. Walk-in rates (exceptional 750,000 rupiahs, deluxe 900,000 rupiahs) are large –store online for a far more reasonable rate.

Kama Hotel

With a contemporary, nearly hipster-style cafe on the bottom floor (a significant reflection on Tip shirt round the street ), the wise and pretty modern Kama Hotel fits the bill when d’Prima does not get it for you.

Rooms are clean and well managed if a bit pokey, and how busy the street outside front is, your resort is much less noisy as you would anticipate. Located down the road from Tjong A Fie Mansion, you are hardly a hop skip and a hop out of Medan’s premier tourist attraction and just a brief stroll into Merdeka Walk. It is a pleasant foreigner strip of eateries and cafes.

The only minus here would be the team that, on our trip, was surprising to the point of impolite. It required quite a little cajoling to allow them to show us space once we were not fulfilled by the photo album we showed us (and then they wouldn’t let us take photographs within the area). Studio rooms (in 260,000 rupiahs) are incredibly tight. If you are likely to go here, we would say the normal (350,000 rupiah) or premium rooms (400,000 rupiahs) are worth the excess cash. The deluxe rooms (580,000 rupiahs) seemingly sleep and would do the job for a household.

The location is excellent. There are a few vestiges of older Medan on this road. Let’s hope that they do not meet the wrecking ball that has befallen many of Medan’s heritage remains.

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