4 Must-Visit Destinations in Australia to Explore with a Camper Trailer

Have you bought one of the leading camper trailers on the market and found that you’re all set up with nowhere to go? This article aims to solve this problem for you with a list of must-visit destinations in Australia to explore with a camper trailer. Bear in mind, this is just a sample of what Australia has in store for you now that you have a camper trailer. Camper trailers really do make accessing the wilderness so much easier, allowing you tosee sights and enjoy experiences that you were previously not able to. Continue reading to discover some of Australia’s must-visit destinations.

1. Bribie Island, QLD

On Bribie Island, you can camp behind the sand dunes and enjoy unrivalled access to the Ocean Beach. Common activities for owners of camper trailers include boating, fishing, and walking around to explore this picturesque location. It’s easy to get to Bribie Island National Park and Recreation Area, as it’s located just a short drive from Brisbane. If coastal camping is your kind of thing, this secluded spot could be the best option for you. Some areas you can get to by high clearance four-wheel-drive, while others you can reach by boat. Just keep in mind that you will need to organise camping permits for this spot.

2. Kilcowera Station, QLD

If you’re looking for a genuine outback experience accessible to camper trailers, pay a visit toKilcowera station, located 14 hours’ drive from Brisbane. There’s a myriad of scenic areas to set up camp with camper trailers here. If you want to be truly stunned by natural beauty, check out Cardenyabba Lagoon. Perfect for kayaking, catching yabbies, or simply enjoying the view, Cardenyabba lagoon is definitely on the must-see list. At night, the stars come out, and unlike city skylines that are very polluted, here the stars really do shine in the night sky.

3. Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park, SA

The surrounding country to Lake Eyre offers unique scenes for travellers with camper trailers. Even though the lake is not usually full, it is still worth checking out as a significant aspect of the Australian landscape. Whether the lake is full depends on local rainfall, with some people waitingthree years to see it at optimum levels. Find a place to stay amongst the birdlife at Halligan Bay or Muloorina Station Bore. 

4. Uluru, NT

You can’t get more iconic than Uluru; it really is an Australian staple as far as tourism is concerned. If you haven’t ever visited the rock, it might be time you get your camper trailer out and make your way there. Camper trailers are perfect for travelling to Uluru, and once you get there you’ll be met by some of the finest outback scenery in the world. Expect to take a couple of days to get there, as it’s a 17-hour drive from Adelaide. 


Wherever you set off to in camper trailers, you’re in for a great adventure. Try a few of these locales out for size, and beauty and tranquillity will await you at every turn.

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