Review: 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe


There’s been a huge change in the automobile market, given how SUVs have become the popular choice among car buyers over the 20 years or so globally. Even top carmakers have made this bodystyle a priority – that includes a list like Bentley, Porsche and Jaguar to name a few. The Cayenne, when first introduced, surprisingly made waves when it was first launched in the early 2000s. For 2020, Porsche have introduced the Cayenne Coupe, body style that is now becoming a trend among car makers.

So, an SUV Coupe then?

From up ahead, it looks exactly like the regular Cayenne. The headlights, flanked by that bumper and the air dams are all too familiar. But the notable differences start from the mildly raked A-pillar – and this is particularly visible from the sides. That coupe-like roofline is a treat to view, and the roof has been lowered by 20mm, and the wider body adds to the squat stance of the SUV. This one looks so much more sportier than the regular Porsche cars, and it appears rather lovely viewed from the rear three-quarter angle. That sloping rear windscreen, the elongated tail lights and the active spoiler look great.

A sporty cabin

The Cayenne Coupe is undoubtedly a nice-looking thing, and the all-black cabin gets a gloss black applique on top of the gearbox. In the middle, you will see a huge touchscreen that is quite intuitive to use. There are lots of touch-sensitive buttons on the central tunnel, there are physical buttons for the climate control and there’s a beautiful analogue clock in the middle of the dashboard with semi-digital instrument cluster. A few analogue elements can be found here and there. We noticed a rotary knob on the steering that allows you to toggle through driving modes: Normal, Sport and Sport+ and Individual. You will also find a Sports Response button.

The seats are lowered, and this results in headroom for the passengers up-front, giving it car-like driver’s position. At the back, there’s a decent amount of space, with good headroom and legroom. Seating three at the back won’t be easy, and this car features a panoramic sunroof, and there’s the option of a carbon-fibre roof.


Beneath the bonnet of the Cayenne Coupe lies a 3.0-litre V6 engine that produces 335bhp and 450Nm of torque. It can sprint from 0-100kph in 6 seconds. Acceleration is strong, and you can barely feel the car’s weight. Performance is impressive, and it is well suited to both, the city and the highway. We still wish it came with a bigger engine option though. It is very composed around corners, and the chassis handles the performance well. Around corners, it’s planted – and the steering weighs up nicely with good feedback. It never gets unsettled over bad roads and the air suspension absorbs the bumps well.

In a coupe or not?

The Cayenne Coupe may not be as successful as the regular Cayenne, but it is a very stylish addition to Porsche’s line-up. And given the trend of this body style, the Cayenne Coupe comes in at the right time, that too, with a cabin that really feels special. It handles like a Porsche, so there’s no need to panic. Also, read the latest car comparisons, only at autoX.

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