Risks And Usual Accidents In The Storage Units

There are several common risks and accidents in the self-storage unit that can be avoided with responsible management of store logistics and the tasks to be performed by operators.

Risks And Usual Accidents In The Storage Units

This  company is delighted to advise you to get your storage systems safe. Likewise, they have a service for the validation of facilities that have undergone modifications, and that can substantially alter the services and, very importantly, the safety of them.

To finish, the train your workers to raise awareness about the potential risks of the shelves, training them for the realization of visual inspections and the understanding of essential maintenance.

List Of Usual Risks And Accidents In The Warehouse

Below is a list of the most common risks in a warehouse accompanied by a description that corresponds to the accident.

Risk: Falling People At The Same Level (Trips And Charges)

  • Slips on a dirty floor
  • I stumble over uncollected remains that invade the passage areas
  • I stumble with poorly stored elements that invade the passage areas

Risk: Fall Of People At Different Levels

  • Use of manual ladders
  • Use of elevators
  • Lifting people with forklifts
  • Transport of people in forklifts
  • Truck unloading docks

Risk: Falling Objects At Different Heights

  • Badly positioned loads on shelves
  • Manipulation of loads in height
  • Truck Unloading

Risk: Falling Objects Due To Collapse And Collapse

  • Bad construction of the shelves
  • Shock against shelves
  • Poor stacking of objects

Risk: Falling Objects At The Same Height

  • Bad support
  • Transport of objects with pallet or forklift

Risk: Knocks And Collisions With Stationary Objects

  • Invasion of the passage with objects
  • The exit of traffic lanes

Risk: Entrapment Between Objects

  • Trapping of feet with pallet


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