Seven reasons why civil marriage is necessary?

Civil marriage is the one that takes place with all legal formalities. Civil marriage does not need any religious affiliation. In some countries, there is a statutory authority to perform the first marriage ceremony in court. And then the couple can perform the marriage ceremony according to their religion. The main reasons behind civil marriages are many, though some of them are described below.

Legal standing

Civil marriages are legally binding; the wedding does not need any more steps to complete it. In any marriage, a legal license is required to make the marriage legal. The weddings that are placed on a religious basis are not termed as legal marriages. The marriages should be bounded legally so that the couples do not face any other issues in their married life.


An officiant may vary from state to state or country to country. If you want to have a civil marriage, you have to check for the location of jurisdiction. The notary marriage officiant can be a legal judge, country clerk, magistrate, court clerk, or a notary public. The officiant should be able to inform you of all the requirements of court marriage. There can be some document verification, and paperwork can be essential to fill for the officiant and the couple.


There is not any legal boundary for the venues. A place where the bride, groom, and the officiant can make their presence available can act as a venue. The legal marriages can take place in the backyard, court, church, park, or at any location. Try to choose an officiant that can arrange all the documents on the site the couple wants.

Better for a diversified society

The civil court follows the same rules for all types of religions. Although there are many religions in the world and marriages, take place with that variety. If you have registered the wedding, then you would not face any difficulty while performing marriage with any religion. At last, the law makes it easier to get married for any religion or caste marriages.

Better attainment of women’s rights

It is a legal contract between the two parties. A deal that is mutually done with all the conditions being followed. This legal documentation saves women rights. It shows that either its men or women both are equal in front of the law. As religious marriages do not provide equal rights to women, here legal marriages are a saviour. 

Better for every civilian

Civil rights are those rights that protect an individual from being infringed. This right is essential as the voting right for every civilian. They ensure participation with all the legal rights in front of society. 

Better for the economy

The amount that the couples pay for civil marriage is the money that keeps rotated in the economy. Civil weddings are better to keep the economy regulated. This type of marriage can threaten the revenue from religious marriages, though it brings the cash flow to the government.

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