Should I Repair Or Replace My Water Heater?

You might wonder, should you fix your current water heater or buy a new one? If yours is near the 8-12-year mark, consider getting a fresh model to save money in the long run. Older units often break down and aren’t efficient. They can cause leaks or rust that may lead to damage or, worse, hurt someone.

Before making this decision for your Chicago home’s hot water needs, turn to Discount Plumbing Chicago. They’ll guide you through options tailored perfectly for what works best with your budget. 

Evaluating Water Heater Damage

When you look at your water heater, know that its age can tell a lot. Water heaters last around 8 to 12 years. So if yours is old or near the end of this range, think about getting a new one instead of fixing it.

Older models tend to break down more and may cost you more in bills over time due to less efficiency. If there’s minor damage, like a bad valve or thermostat going wrong, repair will usually be cheap, typically under $200. But big issues mean bigger bucks – sometimes upwards of $500! That’s close to what some new heaters cost! 

Consider energy use, too. Efficient units save cash by using less power to heat up your showers and dishes. Don’t forget that expert plumbers from Discount Plumbing Chicago are always ready to help out locals with their choices for water heater fixes! 

Repair Costs vs Replacement Benefits

When your water heater acts up, check the control valves. They should work right all year. If a valve leaks or jams, you’ll need to swap it out. This is often an easy fix for any skilled tech from Discount Plumbing Chicago.

The heating part warms your water. It screws into the tank and can collect mineral bits left behind by evaporated water. This buildup hints at needed fixes. Yearly care like flushing helps limit these deposits.

Over time, if sediment piles up inside too much, pressure rises high within the tank harming its parts in ways one repair won’t fully mend, a replacement may then be best. Corrosion also spells trouble for tanks over years of use when constant wetness eats away at metal despite protective coatings meant to stop rusting. 

Corrosion or wear can signal it’s time for new gear as the 15-year mark approaches. It’s better to replace than to repair, as fixes on items over seven years old may soon fail again.

Chicago Discounts on Plumbing Services

You need to keep your water heater in check. Because a well-maintained one can last up to 12 years, if you skip yearly flushes and checks, it won’t. Hitting the eight-year mark? Think about getting a new unit before trouble hits. Notice other issues with yours? It could be from a bad first installation; that cuts life short, too.

Trust experts for advice on fixes or full swaps. Choosing a new hot water machine isn’t simple either—cramped spots suit wall-hung, suitcase-sized tankless types best. In Chicago, if you need repairs or have thoughts on replacement options, reach out now for expert guidance tailored just right.

Deciding whether to repair or replace your water heater hinges on a few key factors. Age, efficiency, and the cost of repairs guide this choice. If your unit’s old or frequently breaks down, investing in a new one might save you money over time.

On the other hand, minor issues often merit simple fixes. At Discount Plumbing Chicago, they assess your situation with expertise to ensure you make an informed decision that benefits both comfort and budget at home.

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