Simple Ways To Improve Ergonomics At Workplace

Ergonomics is one of the most ignored options in the workplace. Because the injuries caused at a workplace are not as big as injuries caused by a fall or an accident they are not considered as one. However, poor ergonomics do result in injuries and health hazards if they are not paid attention to. The main risk at the workplace is musculoskeletal issues which lead to muscle strain, disc ruptures etc. It can also lead to less productivity and lack of motivation at the workplace. 

Here are some tips to improve the ergonomics at the workplace.

Posture Perfect

A good posture is the first step in ensuring that you do not get any backaches. Some sitting positions may seem comfortable to sit. However, they are not necessarily good for the back. Therefore, it is important to understand the right sitting position and follow it. 

Backrest Pillows

Using a good backrest pillow can come in handy when looking to maintain your spine health. A backrest pillow is specifically designed for use with your office chair. It has a strap, using which you can fasten it to your chair. The pillow helps in maintaining the natural curvature of your spine and provides great flexibility. By buying from a trusted brand like Wakefit, you can be sure that the pillow will go a long way in helping to reduce back pain.

Keep Changing

Doing the same movement throughout the day can lead to damages in specific muscles where there is too much stress. Therefore, it is a good idea to shift position often and take a walk in between.  Performing simple stretching exercises is also a great way to work the muscles. This will help in avoiding any strain or tension and relieve the body of any pain.

Use your knees

If you work in a job that involves a lot of heavy lifting, using your knees for lifting will help in preventing your back from getting damaged. Ensure that you train yourself in proper lifting mechanisms to make sure that you do not end up causing too much strain to the muscles in the back.

Invest in a good chair

For people who work from their desks, a good chair plays an important role in ensuring that a good posture is maintained. Most of the chairs have adjustable height, armrest and support for the back. The seat must be deep so that you are able to settle into it. In case you are not able to, get a footrest or small stool on top of which you can rest your feet while working. Once the chair is set, all you have to do is maintain proper posture.

Let your computer take care of you

If you work in front of the computer, make sure that the monitor is at eye level. Also, the keyboard and mouse should be at the same level so that you can access them at ease. Also, by doing this, your arm remains straight and does not cause any additional strain. For any kind of typing jobs, keep a document holder next to the monitor so that you can see the document as you type. Keep all other items such as stationary and mobile phones right next to you so that you can reach for them when you need. A good idea would be to use the headset instead of leaning on one side and talking on the phone. 

Keep an eye on your eyes

Apart from muscle cramps and injuries, another common problem most workers face is eye strain and eye-related problems or difficulties. Some of the simple ways to avoid this are to make sure that the monitor is at eye level. In case there is a window near the monitor, make sure that you place the monitor at the right position to avoid glares. Also, invest in a good monitor so that it doesn’t flicker or the screen disturbs your eyesight.

By making simple changes, one can avoid and protect themselves from injuries as well as improve long term health issues at the workplace.


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