Skinny Jeans: Introducing Boyfriend Jeans

If you are getting tired of wearing skinny jeans and looking for some ways to stay sexy, you might have heard about boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans give you a relaxed and slouchy feeling when wearing it. Unlike skinny jeans with tighter fits, boyfriend jeans talk about the different styles that will work on your body. If you have a curvy shape, go for that skinny leg fit or the tapered one. Moreover, if you are petite, the slim-cut jean might suit your look.

What makes boyfriend jeans different from other cuts?

Every pair of pants has distinguishing features that make one unique from the other. Some people are particular about what they want and what look they want for the day. Ladies are very detailed about the style they want, and knowing the best features of a specific pair of jeans will help them consider in choosing the perfect outfit.

Skinny jeans became a trend because of its slim look that emphasizes the body curves a lot, but let’s talk about the features of boyfriend jeans that might give you the idea to go for a new look and style. Boyfriend jeans’ winning features are the following:

  • You can have it either ripped or non-ripped to go with the latest fashion.
  • The jean’s length depends on how shorter or how long you want it to be.
  • There are variations, such as the feminine style and the looser cut, which will depend on your body shape and type.
  • Latest styles with bold, different colours are also available but sometimes limited. Some colours include green, yellow, red and pink.

What boyfriend jean fits you

Since boyfriend jeans give you the freedom to choose the length, and how baggier your jean is, it is always important to take note of your body type before deciding. You should be aware of the specific style that makes you look fantastic and discard those that fail you.

If you are petite and thin, skinny boyfriend jean will suit you. It would be best if you skipped on wearing cuffed jeans as it will not look good on you. If you have bigger and broader thighs, you can opt to have a straight-cut boyfriend jean. If you are feeling calm and boyish, look for slouchy jeans to skip the feminine look. Meanwhile, if you are plus-size, you can have a boyfriend jean that is relaxed in cut and is a bit looser than the usual ones. If you want your jeans to be slouchier, it should not be too cuffed or baggy to avoid a sloppy look.

Why should you give boyfriend jeans a try?

Since boyfriend jeans offer a variety of styles, it will never fail to give you a fashionable and stylish effect you always want. Whatever body type you have, boyfriend jeans have something to offer that other cuts or styles cannot give. Just remember that when choosing the perfect boyfriend jean style for you, take note that it should fit flawlessly on your hips and waist. The rest should camouflage the part that you want to hide.

Boyfriend jeans have been available for a decade and more, and it is making high sales since it went available on the market. Get off on your feet and start trying a new look and style that will give you another dimension to call it your fashion!

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