Sky3ds blue button vs Sky3ds+ orange button, what are their differences and which to buy?

Sky3ds blue button, Sky3ds+ orange buttons, they are 2 different sky3ds 3ds flashcarts, what are their differences? sky3ds vs sky3ds+, which is better to buy for playng 3ds games on 11.10.0-43 E/U/J console? I will give you answers in this post.

Sky3ds blue button

Sky3ds is first released by in 2014, it’s the first 3ds flashcart that plays 3DS Games on all firmware version consoles in that year. The first version, Sky3ds V1 can only play 10 3ds games in a microsd card, then soon releases the Sky3ds V2, which can play 31 3ds games, limit is still there, but more games supported. 

The current Sky3ds card is Sky3ds V2 (Blue Button), it plays 3DS Games on any 3ds firmware console as well, it still works in 2019, but this sky3ds card isn’t supporting 3ds games directly, you need to flash the rom to sky3ds via Diskwriter tool and it can’t support 3DS Games with AP check, for example the Pokemon Sun, Pokemom Moon, Pokemom Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

Sky3ds+ orange button version

Sky3ds+ is launched in the last year of 2015 and is made by too, sky3ds+ or sky3ds plus is a 2 orange buttons sky3ds card, it has many differeces when compared with sky3ds v2, it’a also called Sky3ds V3, the Best Sky3ds flashcart in the market.

Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus card is having 2 orange buttons, working with firmware not the diskwriter, supporting any 3ds system version, playing every 3ds game(not eshop title), that’s the Sky3ds+.

Sky3ds+ vs Sky3ds, what are the differences?

  1. The Sky3ds plus has 2 orange buttons, the blue button sky3ds only has one button.
  2. The Sky3ds+ has a rocker switch (orange) that lets you cycle forward and backward through your games, the sky3ds V2 only had one button (blue).
  3. The Sky3ds plus doesn’t require the patching of ROMs with special software before putting them on the card. The blue button Sky3ds does.
  4. The Sky3ds+ card works with Skydock to play game online safely, the blue sky3ds doesn’t.
  5. The Orange Sky3ds plus can be upgraded, the blue Sky3ds cannot.
  6. The Orange button Sky3ds+ has workarounds for newer games, while the blue Sky3ds plus stopped getting updates a while back.

PS: What games have Anti-Piracy (isn’t supported by blue button Sky3ds V2)? Basically all the games releases since the begining of 2016.

Which to buy for playing 3ds games on 11.10.0-43 E/U/J?

Apparently, the answer is the Orange button Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus card, it has all functions of blue sky3ds v2 and much better than it. Sky3ds+ can play free 3ds games on 3DS V11.10 to V1.0, support all 3ds roms including the Upcoming 3ds Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, work with the free homebrew launcher&skydock to Homebrew 3DS and go online games safely.

The most important Pro of Sky3ds+, it has updatable firmware, its plug and play, it let users even a little child to play free 3DS Games easily on his console. You just need to download firmware from the official site, download 3ds roms from online page (if you can’t find, ask me here, then drag firmware and 3ds roms files to a sd card prepared for Sky3ds plus, insert the microsd to Sky3ds+, now put the orange button Sky3ds+ to a 3DS firmware device, you can start to play Free Nintendo 3ds games.

Lastly, which site in Italy and Spain can sell you genuine Sky3ds+ card, they are and


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