Some Pest Control Tips for Residential Areas

Anyone who owns a home or rents is going to have to contend with pests. This means dealing with ants, spiders, wasps or other uncomfortable creatures that inspire fear or displeasure just by seeing them. There are things people can do to deter them though. Deter is the key, because it is impossible to be rid of pests completely because a residence is not a sterile environment. Some pests feed on things in the house like food crumbs or fruit that has gone bad, and there are some pests that feed on other pests like spiders and centipedes. No matter what your main problem is, here are a couple of tips on overall pest control at home.

Reduce the Number of Hiding Spots

A lot of pests, especially roaches, like to hide until dark. Getting rid of the hiding spots for roaches should be a top priority for residents. According to the AAFA, roach allergens may be the culprit for year round allergies and asthma. The inner cities have an especially large problem with allergies due to roaches present in children due to a child’s sensitivity to new germs. The allergies can come from the caste skin of a roach or its excrement, sometimes called frass. Other pests will come with the roaches, such as spiders or centipedes because roaches are a source of food to them. Ramping up cleanliness and removing hiding spots will help greatly. To discover some hiding spots, inspect any rooms suspected of harboring bugs a couple of hours after the lights are out. If the bug population problem has gotten out of hand or allergies have not cleared up, call Wheaton Pest Control.

Avoid Ways of Bringing Pests Into the Home

Many pests, like bed bugs and fleas, are great at hitchhiking into the home and infesting it. Travelers should inspect their hotel rooms thoroughly and read reviews ahead of time, keep their luggage off the ground, use hard-shell suitcases and wash everything as soon as arriving home to avoid bringing bed bugs in. Also, inspect things at secondhand stores carefully and wash them as soon as they brought into the home. Additionally, check used, wooden furniture for termites. For people that own pets, constantly keep the pet combed out, especially if it spends time indoors and out. Also, visit the local vet to purchase proper flea control measures. Again, if the problem has already arrived or is out of control, call pest control.

These tips are far from the only ones. It is a good idea to do extensive research on how to avoid and get rid of other pests, or research methods of preventing them from entering the home. If there is a particular problem with a particular pest, it is best to consult pest control and have someone come and look at the property to assess and and assist with getting rid of the problem. Sometimes cleanliness is not enough, especially if the pest problem was inherited by renting or buying a place already infested.

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