Specification comparison: TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa

Last decade observed a drastic paradigm shift in the market-place for the two-wheelers market. Although there is still a demand for manual transmission bikes, the market has seen a steep demand for automatic scooters. Moreover, there are various manufacturers who have forayed into this segment as there is a potential for growth. For example, Mahindra, the name in four-wheelers segment have launched their unisex automatic scooter called Gusto. The consumer preferences are changing and more focusing on automatic scooters that empower the consumers to have a comfortable ride and zoom through creeks of traffic. There are various companies competing amongst them to be the market leader. But, whenever it comes to a two-wheeler, there are two names with whom anyone to everyone is familiar with. These are TVS motors and Honda. Both have excelled in producing great scooters which are reliable, value for money, and stylish. The most scooters of these companies are TVS Jupiter and Honda Activa 5G. So, this is a review article which sums up the various specifications and compares both these brands. This helps you to get a brief idea of what you should expect from these brands and which one suits you if you are planning to buy one.

Specifications comparison of Jupiter and Activa 5G

We have done some exclusive research to project the intricate details of both the scooter which will help you to decide which one is your fit. Moreover, we will be guiding you through the technical as well as build aspects of both the brands and try to bring contrast to the features.

  • Honda Activa 5G is available in two variants namely standard (STD) and deluxe (DLX) whereas TVS Jupiter has four editions to its kitty. These are drum self and alloy, ZX, ZX disc, and classic edition, each written in ascending order of product positioning. The standard version of Honda scooter and drum self and alloy version of TVS Jupiter is the basic.
  • Honda has installed a single cylinder SI engine which has a displacement of 109.19 cc whereas TVS installed single cylinder 4 stroke engine that displaces 109.70 cc. However, power derived from Honda is 8.11 as compared to Jupiter’s 7.99 PS at 7500 rpm. Honda’s 9 Nm Torque is comparatively higher than TVS’ 8 Nm torque which implies that Activa 5G can pull off climbing a cliff better than Jupiter. However, TVS Jupiter surpasses Honda in ignition mapping technology.
  • Both have all the features same that involves speedometer, tachometer, safety, and warning lamps, footrests, and average fuel economy. However, Honda exceeds TVS in certain features such as Activa 5G has a trip meter and front and rear carry hooks which TVS Jupiter lacks.
  • In terms of the suspension system and tires, Honda is still better than TVS as the suspension system installed in Honda is hydraulic whereas TVS uses gas-charged mono shock suspension. Though, gas-charged monoshock helps in curbing weight yet you may face problem in identifying leaks.

Both the scooters are nearly priced yet some of the features of Honda Activa 5G makes it much more reliable and a better option than TVS Jupiter.

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