Style and Beauty Guide for Working Women 

The role of women has evolved, emerged and has attained new dynamic dimensions in the current times. The earlier homemakers and home managers have now become the operative heads and target drivers for numerous companies, commercial brands and some of the most challenging industries of the world.

A quick glance at the professional or the business fraternity of the world will point out at countless numbers of women bosses, divisional spearheads and some of the most promising human resources of different niche level companies.

In a nutshell, the modern female population these days shares the man’s world and its responsibilities just as much as she runs and manages her family and dear ones back home.

Balancing Different Requirements Of Multiple Roles And Lifestyles

This essential change in the nature of the role and responsibilities of modern women has also changed the nature of their lifestyle. The change in the role of the modern woman is also much triggered by her better awareness in the current times. This awareness is channeled towards a better formation and management of her career, better attention towards her health and a new way of carrying out her responsibilities towards her family, children and other dear ones.

As a repercussion of this new awakening of the modern woman, we see that she has a changed take towards a number of aspects in her life. One of them happens to be in fashion. The modern woman has a much more daring attitude towards beauty and fashion, where she seems to be ready to embrace different styles and trends in terms of dressing herself up.

It could also be due to the fact that now the contemporary woman has to prepare herself for different situations and carry herself in different circumstances and ambiances, due to which beauty parameters and elements of style are being taken up in a versatile manner. Both ethnic and western looks are getting almost equal importance.

The working females of the current era are paying more attention to the facets of their body and skin types, the general trends of fashion and the latest styles that are rocking the market while planning their wardrobes and looks for varying occasions. A quick visit to Zula will help you check out various ruling trends of the day.

Some Rocking Fashion Apparel Trends For The Working Women

So till this point of the narration, we have tried to establish the fact that the modern working women have to dress up for various occasions and situations. It could be for regular office, for important corporate events, casual hanging out with friends, and outings with family and so on. Let us take a look at some of the fashion apparels that are suitable for the present day ladies.

  • Formal Trousers And Pants

formal trousers and pants are some of the most useful and common attires that can be adorned by modern-day women. These are apparels that can be worn for any type of occasion. They are a perfect choice for regular office wear and can also be teamed up with any sort of top for a nice outing with friends and family.

  • Women’s Shirts

When thinking of office wear or a special corporate event a nice crisp shirt is one of the best things to wear. They are smart, femme and highly formal in their looks. The best part is that these shirts can be worn with pants, jeans, and even skirts. You can wear these shirts in solids or neutral colors and even in pinstripes.

  • Jeans

A pair of jeans is the best dress type that can be worn by the modern working women. They are simple, convenient and highly fashionable. Nothing accentuates and flatters a female figure as best as a figure-hugging pair of jeans. They come in different shapes and form such as the regular fits, the slim fits and so on.

  • Kurtas And Tops

The market has a large variety of such kurtas and tops that can be paired up with different forms of bottoms. It could be a skirt o a pant a good looking top or kurta can set the look like never before. However, since there is a huge variety available making a choice can be tough.

  • Skirts

A huge variety is also available in this section. A quick review will help you go through the different cuts like pencil skirts, the fit and flare skirts, long skirts and so on. They can be used for formal or casual occasions alike depending on their designs.

  • Dresses

Dresses are yet again a type of clothes that can be worn by modern women to various places. They come in different patterns and designs and hence there will be a suitable option for various situations.

Accessories And Makeup Are Just As Important

Once you are done with making a selection of your clothes a close attention must be given to accessories like the shoes you will be wearing, the bags and the clutches that you will take, the belts and brooches that you will match with the dress and also the watches and the eye gears that you plan to adorn.

Often these are the aspects that attract the attention of the people looking at you more than the dress itself. In fact, in places like fitness classes and the outfits selected for discos, this is the ruling trend.  

Coming to makeup leading women’s fashion and lifestyle blogging sites like Zula speaks of some of the best trends of makeup that can be followed. It is best to use as neutral and dewy makeup as possible. It helps to make the skin look fresh and radiant. Eye enhancing is the trick that must be used but never overdone. The trick is not to use too many products in the same place. This can make the look smudged and over enhancive.


Dressing up well is an integral part of taking care of you and loving yourself. This is important to keep yourself in good shape and then take care of the various duties and responsibilities. Zula speaks of various potential ways through which this can be done and the modern women can be prepared to face any challenge.

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