Submersible Cable – Especially for physical challenging work conditions need in underwater.


A submersible cable offer protection to the cable from the getting moisturizer. In all kinds of adverse environmental conditions at various places, the submersible cables are effectively used to ensure the electrical appliances to work without any disruptions. The electrical appliances as pump and motor are works underwater by the usage of submersible cables.  

Submersible cables have the capacity to transmit seamlessly the electrical power in the wet area and wet condition.  The cables are designed with the plastic coating around the wires. The rubber coating ensures the cable wire withstand in all the types of liquid mediums.

What are the reasons to get submersible cable?

The electrical needs to the power the motor need the specially made cables to work on the underwater, handle to manage the pressures from the motor through the electricity.  Submersible cables have the special cords to power the pumps which are used in wells, tanks, drinking water line supplies as reservoirs.

Submersible cables are widely used for the submersible pumps. The cables are specially designed with the structure to work on strong electrical and mechanical properties. The size, color and the durability of the submersible flat cable will depend on the usage and the application based.

The cables are also used in the field of drilling purposes, underground mining, and irrigation systems. For these types of works, the cables are specially designed to produce superior quality from the electrolytic copper which is insulated by the PVC quality.  

Advantages of submersible cables

  • Work effectively on wet areas
  • Unfriendly to wet environments as grease, abrasion, and moisture
  • High level of safety
  • Reliability
  • Aluminum wire is used primarily
  • Aluminum wiring avoids fire accident
  • A cheaper alternative to other wires
  • Contraction and easy to expansion
  • PVC abrasion resilient coated compounds

Did flat submersible cable is eco-friendly?

The special parameters for the submersible pumps are deriving from the manufacturer of cables. The cable which has the parameters of safety, fire retardant, lead-free, reliable and non-toxic cables have the characteristics to be eco-friendly.  Due to the usage of cables in multiple applications, there are some manufacturers are designed the cable with the pioneered technology in cable with the new ideas and innovations to manufacturing the cable.

The special parameters in the cable will secure the systems of pump and motor from the fire and gives the protection under the circumstances of water. There are some different variants in the model of the cable and the meter length of the cable will differ upon the variants. The basic application of the submersible flat cable is to give protection among the entire application of circuit and the users.

Various forms of submersible pumps need the distinct styles of wiring to work, the electrical demand of the pump is to supply the various dewatering tanks and sewer systems. The model of PVC 3 core and PVC 4 core wires are used to supply the electricity through the systems placed in the water tanks.

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