Surya Namaskar During Pregnancy: Benefits & Precautions to Take

Surya Namaskar, also known as the ultimate asana, is a group of yoga postures. It helps to improve blood circulation and joint and muscle strengthening, especially during pregnancy. However, you need to modify and skip some aspects of your Surya Namaskar as you progress with your pregnancy. Below are some of the benefits and precautions to take when pregnant.

Benefits of Doing Surya Namaskar During pregnancy

1- Increase Oxygen Supply to The Unborn

The exercise done in the ultimate asana includes deep inhalation and exhalation, which are very helpful in increasing the oxygen between the mother and the fetus. Therefore, it is an advantage for ensuring the fetus grows in a perfect condition, with a maximum oxygen supply.

2- Crucial to Reducing Leg Cramps and Backaches

Leg cramps and backaches are often common during pregnancies. To help reduce this, consider doing Surya namaskar daily exercise as it is beneficial in strengthening spine and back muscles.

3- Help Reduce Stress

Pregnancy is associated with hormonal imbalance, which plays a role in the different emotions that women go through during this period. Practising Surya Namaskar can help keep the stress level under control, hence reducing a lot of stress in pregnant women.

4-Crucial During Labor

It is crucial to practice Surya namaskar daily during your pregnancy as it helps reduce the intensity of your labour pain by toning your abdominal and pelvic muscles. It also helps strengthen your body for labour.

Precaution Taken While Doing Surya Namaskar During pregnancy

1- Consult Your Medic

Pregnancy is different, and even when you feel healthy and fit, it is crucial to always consult with your doctor. Seeking the guidance of a doctor before starting Surya namaskar is vital to be educated on dos and don’ts during pregnancy.

2- Research For a Professional

It is vital to seek professional assistance when starting your Surya Namaskar to maximize its effectiveness. However, always do your research to ensure you get a professional knowledge in Surya namaskar for proper guidance. In addition, it is beneficial to avoid complications and bad habits that can ruin your pregnancy or cause severe injuries.

3- Be Consistent and Practice a Basis

To get the best result for your Surya Namaskar practice, you must be consistent and practice daily. Daily exercise is essential during pregnancy as it ensures that by the delivery time, the mother is fit and the intensity of labour has reduced significantly.

4- Always Practice Savasana

After finishing Surya namaskar, always consider doing savasana to help your body relax. It can be done even between breaks when doing the ultimate asana to help you calm down and re-energize for your next exercise.

5- Pay Attention to Your Body 

When doing the asanas, it is crucial that you be gentle with your body and pay attention to every part of it. It is crucial to avoid injuries that can be severe and costly to treat. Being pregnant highly reduces the centre of gravity, and the chances of tripping are high. 


Even though Surya namaskar can help you get control of your weight and balance, always consider taking precautions when doing it. Always follow the correct procedure when doing Surya namaskar to produce the best results. Also, avoid the stages that require you to jump when your pregnancy has grown.

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