Teenage Rebellion – The Symptoms, Causes, And Remedies

A few years back, your kid was all sweet and helpful, but there has been a sudden change since she/he is in teen years and you don’t seem to understand why. Well, you are not alone in this. All the parents are concerned at this age when their kids start answering them back and hardly obeys them. They tend to break every rule you make and there is so much less that you can do about it.

This is a teen rebellion that most of the parents face when their kids enter this stage. Some might face it in the mild form whereas some face severe cases. As a responsible parent, you can’t just leave you, kids, as they are at this moment. This is the time of their life when they need the utmost guidance and care. But, you can’t just hand it over to them. You need to know the root causes and the solution in the smartest way possible. You can also use parental control rules to make sure you are taking care of your teens.

What is the Teenage Rebellion?

It is like an act of the highest assertion of freedom, independence, and the avoidance of parental advice during the teen years. It is a rebellion because it induces a confrontation between the teen and the parents. Soon, it can become the cause of continuous arguments and situational changes that aren’t good. All of a sudden, this rebellion can seem a bit illogical and absurd for the parents but there are always some underlying reasons for this changed behavior.

Causes of Teenage Rebellion

During the teenage years, there are plenty of changes that children go through. Most of these reasons are the reasons behind the changing behavior of teens. Some of the reasons are:

  • The Difference of Opinion: They might be okay with following the rules until now. Now, they feel like those parental rules are suffocating them and they might want to live a free life. They start feeling that such rules are curtailing their freedom and they don’t look ‘cool’ by following such things. If parents don’t show any flexibility, it can lead them to become rebels.
  • Peer Pressure: Most of the kids want to impress their friends and they can do anything to be part of the bigger group. The teenage brain emphasizes a lot on the opinion of other people and thus this makes them do the things that their parents don’t approve of.
  • Hormonal Changes: There is a drastic change in the hormones of the kids’ bodies when they enter teen years. These hormones make them feel different than the usual and that isn’t always good. They don’t understand where they belong and soon, they become so confused that they tend to do whatever they wish.
  • Impulsive Decisions: Studies have proven that teen years make the kids make sudden and impulsive decisions that can harm their judgment. They don’t care what they are doing unless they face the consequences. This is another reason why they start having arguments with their parents. It clouds their judgment, makes them violate the rules, and change them into rebels.
  • The Desire to Be Independent:They are almost hanging between being the kid and the adult. It is our fault also. We sometimes expect them to behave like kids who follow every order that we give and at the same time, we want them to feel like adults who are responsible for their actions. This conflict makes them rebel against their parents and is more independent while doing anything they want.

Know more about teens’ unusual behaviors here: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/teen-behavior

No behaviors or actions are out of the blue, instead, every behavior they adopt has a reason and it is our responsibility to find out the reasons and sort them out.

How Should Parents Deal with Teenage Rebellion?

It is very annoying to see your kid going against your words all the time. But, there are multiple ways to deal with it smartly. Here are some of the necessary steps that you can take to control this:

  • Stay Calm

Teenagers are still children and don’t expect them to behave like yourself. You need to see them as kids and use a polite tone to ask what is there on their minds. Your body language should be non-aggressive and you must show genuine concern for them in your tone.

  • Set limits

You might have treated them with rewards and punishments when they were young, but it won’t work like that now. They are teenagers, they will move away from you if you keep treating them the same way. Put yourself in their shoes for a while and then think about what you should be saying to them with the tone as well. Set limits to your behavior and tone, try to be non-authoritative.

  • Explain Yourself

Yes, you need to do that. If you think being a parent gives you the authority of treating your kids the way you want, you are mistaken. They are human beings and they need to know your intentions towards them. Have a friendly conversation with them where you explain your concern to them and tell them that you care that’s why you say these things. Don’t just impose your rules, instead try to explain the logic.

  • Parental Control Rules

Yes, you need to be flexible and strong with them. But, at the same time draw out some best parental control rules with their collaboration that are meant to be followed at home without any question. This shouldn’t be authoritative at all. They must have a strong part in it and they must be asked about what they think about these rules. They mustn’t feel left out in this scenario because it will become hard to have them follow the rules.

Teenage rebellion is a hard phase for both parents and teens. A little bit of understanding and good communication can get you through this phase smartly. But make sure that your actions don’t add to their rebellion nature instead you want them to be as kind and humble as they can be by being the same yourself. Happy parenting!


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