The Burdick EKG machine

For a long time now, Burdick has been the biggest supplier of EKG machines to physicians’ offices. It has gained ECG experience as a result of its special features and benefits. This machine has an interface that is user friendly giving you maximum comfort while using it. The Burdick 8500ECG/EKG machine has the ability to ease the reading of data in waveform such as the 7-inch multi-angle widescreen. The Glasgow Royal Infirmary algorithm is what measures and analyses the ECG waveform being the first algorithm to put into consideration the five clinically substantial variables in order to interpret the data of the patient (age, medication, race, and also classification).

Benefits of the Burdick EKG machine

Among the many benefits of this machine is its interpretation package. The interpretation package of this machine gives two options to the user; either brief statements or full-format statements. These statements are inclusive of reason statements.

The machine is very popular because it is very durable and also dependable. All practices and clinics like this machine because it does not wear out after a short time and also it can be depended on to work without minor hinges and other complications machines have.

The machine is responsible for the transfer of all records to network drives. These drives are such as USB or EMRs. The drives have a big storage and can accommodate about 300 ECG records.

The Burdick EKG machine is also quite easy to maintain, which is an added benefit. It comes with an easy to clean keyboard, an intuitive menu, on-screen quick tips and dedicated key functions which make it very easy to use and maintain.

There is also an interpretation package that is optional. This package allows you to measure interpretations for all ages including one day olds.


The unit produces ECG printouts which are of very good quality. Regardless of whether the unit is operated manually or automatically, the quality of its printouts is really good.

The machine also has a feature that ensures that the printouts are clear and that there is very little room for retakes. This feature is called the AccuPrint™ feature. If the quality of data being printed out within the first ten seconds is poor, this feature prevents any further printing out.

It also comes with an Ethernet connectivity. It has a wireless data acquisition which allows it to work well with wireless 802.11 and has a bidirectional communication with the solution for connectivity; the Heart Centrix®.

This unit comes with a very long warranty of four years. that and its durability is an advantageous feature of the machine. It is also portable allowing it to be moved with ease.

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