The Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Tiles for your Home


The task of selecting appropriate tiles for your home can be fun or hectic depending on how you approach it. One reason why you need to take this process seriously is due to them many options available in the market. Tiles are made from different materials, in diverse designs and textures. Encaustic tiles for instance, are made form a mixture of cement, sand and limestone powder. There are other tiles that are made from ceramic wood and others clay. Depending on the material used to make a tile, you can determine whether or not it is suitable for your home or just on a few areas. When it comes to tile selection, it may not be more of quality but rather the many types that are available. Nevertheless, the selection process is manageable and can be completed with minimal mistakes. Below is a buyer’s guide on how to select the best tiles for your home:

Consider the Flooring Space

For you to select the best tiles for your home, you will need to consider each area separately. This is because, what is good for the kitchen may not necessarily be suitable for the dining area. Some of the rooms that are considered in this process include:


  • The Kitchen


You are the person who best understands the space available in your kitchen as well as any hidden areas that may be forgotten. Decide what you want the floor and the walls to look like depending on your preference and general look of the house. Also, remember to put into perspective the slippery and non-slippery aspects of tiles. The kitchen floor will have water spilling every now and then hence the need to have non-slippery tiles there. Light-colored tiles will also make your kitchen look brighter and spacious.


  • Bathroom


This is the place in the home where most slip and fall accidents occur. It is advisable to have tiles made from natural materials whose texture does not get slippery. Fund tiles that give the feet a good grip especially because of the soapy water. Also, sometimes the space here can be too much so that the room feels cold. In such a case, you can consider having colors to bring in a warm effect without losing the brightness of the room. You can consider using large tiles since they look neater with less joints and also make the room to look more spacious if it is small in size.

Choosing According to the Types of Tiles

Unless you understand the different types of tiles available and their unique qualities, it is hard to know what is best for your home. Some of the commonly used tiles include:


  • Concrete Tiles


These are hard and able to withstand a lot of pressure. They are good for the exterior and the places in the home that have heavy foot traffic. Also, since they do not have a smooth finish, they may not look very neat in the interior.


  • Natural Stones


These include marbles and granite and are also full of strength. The marble tiles can be great on the living room and also kitchen counters. Most of these stones produce very detailed and beautiful patterns when they are done by an expert. However, most of these stones are porous in nature hence the need for them to be sealed especially if they are to be used in the bathroom.


  • Ceramic Tiles


They are the most commonly used tiles and they also come in varieties of color, design and textures. Most people use them for their living rooms and bedrooms both on the walls and the floors.


  • Mosaic Tiles


These kinds are intense in patterns and designs and are usually used in the kitchen and bathroom floors and walls. They add the vibrancy of color since they also come in varied color schemes. They are made from stone, porcelain and glass.

The choice of tiles you make can either enhance or ruin the look on your home. It is up to you to choose the tiles that will be suitable for your house both on the interior and exterior. Even though there is no a one-fit-all method of selection, the guide above will be of use to you.


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